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Against the Odds (2009) – Week 3

Vinnie is delighted with the number of promising point spreads to exploit for the third week in a row. Here’s another mix of teams to pick at home and traveling teams to pick; teams to pick that are favored as well as underdog teams to pick.

Kansas City

Chiefs @

Philadelphia Eagles (Even): There is a good chance

Donovan McNabb

won’t play this weekend a.) with his ribs hurt and b.) since Philly has its bye in Week 4. Otherwise, you would think Philly would be heavily favored. Even if

Kevin Kolb

is the guy, though, there are enough playmakers on offense to give the Chiefs a hard time all afternoon. When you consider that Eagles defensive backs are well equipped to keep up with Kansas City’s only real offensive weapons (Dwayne Bowe and now

Bobby Wade

), this one seems a no-brainer.

Gimme the Eagles (for real, this time).

Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions (+6.5): Detroit

’s moment has arrived. This epic losing streak will come to an end. Vinnie is opining that the Lions frenzied front seven will limit

Clinton Portis’ running enough and get to

Jason Campbell enough on passing plays to propel Detroit over the hump. From 0-and-19 to 0-and-20? Vinnie says no.


Gimme the Lions plus the points.

Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots (-4):

For all the discussion about New England’s aggressive offense very possibly outshining its 2007 counterpart this season,

Tom Brady

& Co. have looked great for about one quarter of one game. Vinnie expects

Matt Ryan


Michael Turner


Tony Gonzalez

to do quite well for themselves and steal one from the Patriots at home. But then again, all the Falcons need to do in this case is

not lose by more than a field goal.

Gimme the Falcons plus the points.

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers (-6.5):

So there are plenty of reasons to pick the Chargers here.

Miami suffered an emotional loss on MNF and now has one less day to prepare for its next opponent. Easy to envision

Philip Rivers

carving up

Miami’s pass defense after seeing what

Peyton Manning

did to ‘em, right? Not so fast, Vinnie says. The Dolphins will again control the tempo of the game with

Ronnie Brown


Ricky Williams

running the ball, but in this case the absence of nose tackle

Jamal Williams

will contribute heavily to Miami notching its first win.

Gimme the Dolphins plus the points.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7):

The G-Men are playing as well as any team in football right now, thanks to

Eli Manning

seeing to it that things are a lot more balanced when his team has the ball. With


Bay’s secondary in a state of flux right now (injuries and Tanard Jackson’s suspension) and

Brandon Jacobs

not limited by injury yet, there’ll be numerous points on the visitor’s side of the scoreboard. Vinnie is having a really hard time imagining

Byron Leftwich

throwing 50 passes again with any success against the Giants defense.

Gimme the Giants minus the points.

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