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Against the Odds

Picking a home team, as well as a road team, is the norm for this article. Full of excitement over the long-awaited arrival of another NFL season, though, I’m staking double the claim this week!

Kansas City @ New England (-16.5):

Perennial Super Bowl contender looking to make a statement to the rest of the sports-watching world after falling just short of another championship … hosting a rebuilding team many expect will earn that #1 pick in the ’09 draft. The Chiefs get only as far as LJ’s legs carry them, while 

New England‘s front seven routinely spells doom for opposing running backs. Yikes.

  New England




Atlanta (+3):

It’s possible Michael Turner guts

Detroit‘s defense but barring that, what’s not to like in the away team? On

Atlanta‘s side, you’ve got a new coaching staff and a new quarterback with zero NFL experience, plus a secondary terribly outmatched by Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson. Safe to say the Lions should win by more than a field goal.



Dallas @

Cleveland (+3.5):

It’ll be very interesting to see how disruptive the upgraded Browns D-line can be against one of the best offenses in the league. Regardless, Romo’s too good and the Cowboys’ T.O./Witten combo platter too dominant for largely untested corners such as

these. On the other side of the ball, methinks

Dallas will have the answer to the dilemma Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow presented defenses with a year ago. (Note: the odds have been shifting even more in favor of

Dallas than we at Fantasy Sharks are listing in our articles this week, but I’m confident

Cleveland gets thumped by at least 6.)





Indianapolis (-9):

In a new stadium, the Colts have the privilege of hosting a very shaky Bears team. Teams that get the better of Indy tend to run the ball well, which isn’t out of the question for

Chicago, but puts a lot on the shoulders of rookie Matt Forte. Making every effort to win at home, Indy will score plenty of points – Peyton Manning‘s knee and all.




here you go, each Vinnie special

minus the points. Perhaps next week there’ll be a good upset or two to highlight …

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