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All I needed to know this season was learned on Sunday

I put on my rose-colored glasses this Sunday and watched my fantasy team score at will. I am reminded that even I can predict the future.

My knowledge and vision of the game I love, paired with some busy-bodied statistics help me see the future clearly. Call me Nostradamus, or ND for short. I am not predicting an asteroid hitting the earth or the end in 2012. I am simply making observations and making them work for me.

Here are eight that I gathered this weekend.


Wes Welker was cloned … I said it.

Julian Edelman, a no name that wasn’t even invited to the NFL Combine, shows up for 98 yards in

New England. He was a quarterback out of

San Mateo

Junior College before transferring to


State. He was a QB taken in the seventh round. I’m not buying it. He was cloned at a laboratory in

Redwood City. If Welker misses more time, he has some serious value.

2. The Giants’ Steve Smith has much more value than a honey-baked Manningham. You will come to learn that when

Hakeem Nicks eventually returns in two weeks. I like Nicks better than both, but for now use Smith.


Ronnie Brown is better than advertised. I’m thinking

Chad Pennington should sit full time. The leg drive that Brown has is simply amazing. Forget all other Dolphin players. Brown is the only one that merits any consideration.

4. The 49ers will break the drive train of

Frank Gore in the next three games. They were leading soundly and still pounding Gore until he rolled his ankle. Imagine that, their only legitimate weapon out …


Donald Brown will take

Joseph Addai‘s Job by Week 6. The rookie showed incredible burst when the game was on the line …  expect more carries every week!

6. I called Jay Cutler’s game last week at 240 yards and two scores. This week I am going 20-of-25 for 266 and three scores with one interception. He finds Greg Olsen this week in the red zone after favoring

Kellen Davis last week.

7. If you thought that Week 2 was a fluke for

Donald Driver, think again. I see him at seven catches for 91 yards and a score. The double teams that Greg Jennings hasn’t been able to shake are still there.

Aaron Rodgers will look to Driver as the second option on every down except third, where he is the first option. He looks good this year.

8. Jericho Cotchery is the third-quarter man this year. His five catches have produced five first downs. I expect he will continue to get most of the first looks because he runs precise routes and has solid hands. See him in the third quarter this week. He’ll be the one holding the ball. When the Jets are ahead, he gets more targets than anyone. With that defense playing like the swarming Ravens, it should be often.

Stinker of the week:

JaMarcus Russell –

Oakland has serious weapons in Michael Bush, Darren McFadden and Murphy. We will never know what they can do with Russell at the helm. He is simply horrible. He has great arm strength and poor accuracy. I hear that he doesn’t get it either. Dress the pig up and put lipstick on it and it’s still a pig folks.

Ok so sit back, watch, and listen as some strange things are in store this week.

I gave up calling the psychic friends network for good thanks to a solid 12-step program. (It’s exactly 12 steps from my couch to the fridge) As always, good luck!


May your Sunday be half as good as mine. Questions, comments and concerns to

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