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An additional list of Bermanisms (or should I say Pachmanisms?)

With all due respect to both Chris Berman and Scott Pachman, here is an additional list of NFL superstars (and some lesser-known players) with a little name twinge coming soon to a television near you.


  1. Kyle “Super” Boller

  2. Joe Flacco “of Seagulls”

  3. John “It’s Not Delivery, it’s” DiGiorgio

  4. Brian “Church of” Moorman

  5. John McCargo “Beep, Beep”

  6. Ashton “Shake” Youboty

  7. Phil Dawson “’s Creek”

  8. Julius “Red Hot Chili” Peppers

  9. Joshua “MTV” Cribbs

  10. “Dr.” Dre Bly

  11. Jon “Do-It-Yourself” Kitna

  12. Matt “Stump the” Schaub

  13. Melvin “Silver” Bullitt

  14. Ryan “Carpe” Diem

  15. Dwight “Buy One, Get One” Freeney

  16. Travis Leffew “LeProud, LeMarines”

  17. Patrick “Corn on the” Cobbs

  18. Channing “Clam” Chowder

  19. Eric Frampton “Comes Alive”

  20. Drew “Feel the” Brees

  21. Sam “Stomach” Aiken

  22. Matt “Harold and Kumor Go to White”


  23. Ellis “Calvin and”


  24. Jerod “Hold the” Mayo

  25. Ty Warren “Peace”

  26. David “Sports” Carr

  27. “Walls of” Jerricho Cotchery

  28. Seth “Magic” Wand

  29. Hank “Picnic” Baskett

  30. “I Like” Ike Taylor

  31. Quentin “Strawberry” Jammer

  32. Shawn “Eat, Drink and Be” Merriman

  33. Kassim Osgood “As It Gets”

  34. T.J. “Donald” Duckett

  35. Darryl “Spinal” Tapp

  36. Manny “Harvard” Lawson

  37. Marc “Battle of the” Bulger

  38. Reche Caldwell “That Ends Well”

  39. Warrick “Well” Dunn

  40. Jevon “Madden” Kearse

So there you have it. As training camp quickly approaches, I can only hope you are preparing yourself for another great season of Chris Berman (with trusty sidekick Tom Jackson by his side) on Sunday NFL Countdown.


And remember…Nobody Circles the Wagons like the Buffalo Bills!

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