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An Updated Interview with MatheuOfVA

Well Matt, thanks again for being such an active poster and supporter of Fantasy Sharks. Why don’t you give everyone the basics about you again to update those that are new to the site.
My name is Brian. I’ll just put that out there, a lot of people are surprised and confused when they find out. Mattheu is my middle name, and i’m perfectly comfortable with people calling me Matt. I’m a second year college student attending THE Kennesaw State University (3rd largest U in GA, that’s right, we’re bigger than tech!). I found this site at the beginning of last season in a Football Fantasy Index mock draft, came into the boards and fell in love with the whole kit and… kibbutal? I like college, women, and other activities associated with the college life. I love Football, baseball, any ball sport really. Been Playin’ fantasy football for 6 years now. I love this site, all the people associated with it, and the environment we have here.

So, is the only way anyone can match your posting prowess to be a college student?
That, or have no life whatsoever. I have to admit, since this semester started not even I can match my ‘prowess’. Been workin’ 40 hour weeks as a waiter, and goin’ to school on top of that, i haven’t posted in 2 weeks!

And so what do you want to do when you grow up?

I’m studying business, and in all seriousness i’d love to be involved in any sport, doing anything i could. I’d love to be in the front office of a franchise, Manage, Scout, whatever i can find. Agent? I dunno really.

Still planning on living in Atlanta?
I have no idea. I did most of my growing up with Supersock and TheProffesor in Northern VA (hence MattheuOfVa) just south of DC. I like Both cities really. Whereever I end up I’ll make the most of it.

Fantasy Sharks has seen such tremendous growth over the last 3 years. Any impressions from your side?
I’ve only seen the difference from last year to this year, and let me tell you i’ve been completely impressed and satisfied with the whole site. The new gadgets, articles, applications, people, all of it. The site has grown right before my eyes over the last year so very much i can only be excited for what is to come in the future.

And tell us about the Message Boards. Tony and I know its great. But, give everyone the inside scoop. What’s the lure…why such dedication out there?
The Boards have changed a whole lot just this year. The sheer traffic volume is craziness. It’s so much bigger then i ever thought it would be. I guess that means someone is doin’ a good job. I just love helping people in any way i can. I love to hear different views on values of players and such. The environment is friendly and the company we keep is priceless.

I know you can’t name everyone, but why don’t you tell everyone about some of the people in the message boards.
I always read these interviews looking for my name to pop up. I’m not ganna lie, everyone likes to see themselves mentioned in other people’s interviews, but we’ve all gotten wise to that and most have chosen the Politically correct way out of mentioning any specific folks. Well here’s a short list of people who are all held in high regard in my eyes. I value their opinions, and to me they are like the elders of the boards…..
In no particular order:Paddler, Donk, DGack, Mrkkti, Hemol, Stank, Sock, Agenda, Hard10, Action, Primemover, CleffedUp, Trilogy, 5X, Dynasty, Bomb, CBSux, CBWho, ChiefBrody, JBG, BBB, Rob Schare, Tony Holm, Doug Coutts, BenIce, and then my brain just stops as it’s very late.  So if you see these folks, and i know i missed some like HND and Ballitup, listen up, cause they know there stuff, they’re funny, and they make this site great.

For those not in the know. How about explaining to everyone the history behind the “Does MatteuOfVa Live of This Msg Board?” post. How did it start, and pray tell, how it was gotten up to 235 pages with over 3500 posts!!!
VickFan started the thread many moons ago. I’ll keep it short. I was here a lot, he noticed, we talked about it, i guess i made a good impression cause it turned into a seinfeldian thread about nothing only kept alive by many different people talking about many different things and out of respect for the thread and what it had become( and maybe even me). After awhile it just became like a historical thing. I know not everyone likes it, some wish it would go away, but me personally, every time i see it i feel the love from the tank. It’s a constant reminder that this place is special to me.

Ok, so onto Fantasy Football talk. How many teams are you involved in this year? How are they looking so far?
I’ve got 5 teams this year. All looking very different. In the Atlantic Whale shark, i’m winless….it’s been rough. In a dynasty league i’m in i’m lossless. And the spectrum of results from one extreme to the other for the rest of them.  For the record, I hate Ricky Williams. 

How’s the Guber/Uber leagues going? Good banter going on?
To be honest with you, there’s a lot of banter going on. I’ve been really busy since the semester started. I’ve been lucky enough to submit my line ups in all my leagues, I haven’t really kept up with the rival league trash talking. But I assure you, these are very competative leagues. Once we get a couple of the bugs out of the system the Uber will be the best league ever.

How about a Super Bowl prediction from you.
Indy 30, Philly 28

Ok time’s getting short so, let’s use Cleffedup’s great lightning round mode. Ok, Ready?
Sure thing.

Normal breakfast item?
What’s Breakfast?

Craziest thing you’ve done in the last year?
It involves lots of close friends, a basement, and colors…

Best place to vacation?
SuperSock’s basement

Sleeper of the year?
Rashaun Woods

Most overrated player?
Jeremy Shocky/Kellen Winslow

Sharpie pen or Cell phone? Which is better?
Cell Phone

Next to reach 10,000 posts? Sock or Paddler?

Who would you rather date TheBomb, Cinnamongirl, or Agenda?

Times up!! Great job!

Anything last words for everyone?
Good Luck this year, and let’s everyone play nice.

Thanks again! See ya when you reach Megledon status!

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