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ANALYSIS DRAFT: Fantasy Sharks Staff Draft I – 12-Team/PPR – Completed.

We’re opening up our Analysis Mock Draft season with a number of analysis drafts from our staff in various formats. To open, we’re starting traditional with the following requirements:

Number of Teams: 12
Rounds: 16
Starting Lineup: 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 Def.
Scoring: Shark League Scoring.

This draft is assuming a weekly lineup submission (not best-ball) and that there is one waiver run before Week 1.

Draft order was assigned randomly. We’ll update progress each day until the draft is completed.


1.01 Chase Crampton Christian McCaffrey, RB1, Carolina
RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 Wow first pick. That never happens to me. This year, PPR or no PPR, I think the undeniable #1 pick of all drafts should be McCaffrey. This guy operates as not only the team’s top running back, but their best receiver. And while those backup QBs were great last year, the fact that they have Teddy Bridgewater can only mean that defenses have more to fear from the rest of the receiving corps, making McCaffrey see less coverage (though probably not a lot less). McCaffrey will finish as a top 5 RB again, if not THE top.
1.02 Gary Davenport Saquon Barkley, RB1, NY Giants
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 This was a call that rather made itself…at 1.02 I was either going to take Barkley or Christian McCaffrey. Barkley’s 2019 season wasn’t as explosive as his rookie year thanks to an ankle injury, but he still averaged 4.6 yards per carry and topped 1,400 total yards. If anyone is going to unseat McCaffrey as the top fantasy RB in 2020, Barkley’s the leading candidate.
1.03 Matt Wilson Ezekiel Elliott, RB1, Dallas
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 I’m an old school drafter. When I draft out of one of the top slots, I always grab the best every-down running back available. Last season, Dak Prescott passed for close to 5,000 yards, but Elliott, despite a few clunker performances, maintained legit No. 1 tailback value. He was safest of the big-name ball carriers still available, and Zeke looks primed for yet another great season.
1.04 Tony Holm Alvin Kamara, RB1, New Orleans
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 For me it comes down to three names here, Michael Thomas, Dalvin Cook or the player I’ve been drafting in the four-hole this year, Alvin Kamara. I like to open with a RB this year if I can and being at the top-half of a draft to open, I really don’t want to let one of the stud RB’s at the position get by me. Kamara went cold in the touchdown department last year but the talent and opportunity are there, he’s always impressed me as a player. In a full-point PPR format like this one, he’s money in fantasy so I’ll gladly add him here and see what develops in Round 2 for my squad.
1.05 Nick Lemma Michael Thomas, WR1, New Orleans
QB:0 RB:0 WR:1 TE:0 K:0 D:0 With the top 4 backs gone, Michael Thomas is always a threat to finish as the top receiver.
1.06 Benjamin Ditlevson Dalvin Cook, RB1, Minnesota
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 I thought that Thomas was going to fall to me — oh well. I’m very happy to take one of my top 5 runners here as consolation. Cook is a hearty cornerstone to build from, especially in a full PPR format. I was looking to start with a receiver – the way I prefer to draft – but Thomas was drafted just ahead of me. I considered another receiver here but I’m hoping he makes it into round two. Cook is a special kind of player with tons of opportunity. Holdout be darned! I’ll look to secure some depth in later rounds should he actually miss some games.
1.07 David Verbanac Derrick Henry, RB1, Tennessee
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 Picking in the 7 hole, I knew that I’d be riding the fence between RB & WR. I gave serious thought to making the homer pick and taking Davante Adams, but the WR position is a bit deeper than usual this year thanks to the number of rookie WRs available, so I opted for taking one of the best bell-cow RBs available. I’m confident that I will have my pick of several viable candidates for my WR1 when my turn comes up again in Round 2.
1.08 Jordan Gingery Davante Adams, WR1, Green Bay
QB:0 RB:0 WR:1 TE:0 K:0 D:0 Health is a small concern in recent years, but Adams was still able to log just under 1000 receiving yards in only 12 games last year.
1.09 Mark Chamberlin Nick Chubb, RB1, Cleveland
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 Kareem Hunt‘s return is an oft-cited reason for Chubb’s decline in production in November and December 2019. His decline was more attributable to an inept Browns offense though. They had trouble staying on the field early in games and frequently found themselves down multiple scores in the second half down the stretch. This offense was at its best when it funneled through Chubb and I think the new decision makers realize that and put together an action plan for the 2020 offseason with that in mind. He still may not be a sound first round investment in all formats due to his lack of involvement in the pass game, but we get points per carry in this format and if this offense gets right then there is a path to 350 of those this year. The same cannot be said for any other RB left on the board and the drop off in quality is fast and furious this year, so all teams need to get at least one before that happens.
1.10 David Olivarez Tyreek Hill, WR1, Kansas City
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 I can’t bring myself to pass on such a dynamic weapon here at the back end of the first round. Tyreek isn’t without blemish after posting a lackluster 2019 outing but the high water mark for him is too good to pass on with the big veteran backs spoken for or not good values at this time.
1.11 Will Weiler Joe Mixon, RB1, Cincinnati
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 I strongly debated whether to take a stud WR here, but with both Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill off the board, it was an easy decision to pivot back to RB. Joe Mixon managed over 1,400 total yards of offense and 8 total touchdowns last season, which was no small feat considering the Bengals were the worst team in the NFL record-wise (finishing 2-14). In an improved offensive environment that now features first overall pick Joe Burrow at quarterback, along with upgrades along the offensive line (2019 eleventh overall pick Jonah Williams returns from injury after sitting out his rookie year, while veteran free agent Xavier Su’a-Filo was added in free agency), I am banking on getting the Mixon who averaged 24 touches and 124 total yards per game over the second half of last season as opposed to the version that scuffled during the first half.
1.12 Doug Coutts Aaron Jones, RB1, Green Bay
QB:0 RB:1 WR:0 TE:0 K:0 D:0 Jones was a touchdown machine in 2019, tying for the league lead with 16 rushing scores while also tacking on three more by air. He shouldered over 1500 yards in total offense and was one of the top fantasy producers at the position. The Packers would be wise to clear up any potential issues with this being the last year on his current contract. Once settled, he enters 2020 with a clear path to continued success in what will once again be a potent offense.

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