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And with the 4th pick…..

So you have the 4th pick in the draft. Who should you be drafting?

You have just seen LT, SJax and LJ all get drafted and now you’re on the clock. Let’s look at some of your options. In no particular order we have Joesph Addai, Brian Westbrook, Frank Gore and Reggie Bush. The clock is ticking and the time is running down, the pressure mounts….

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OK, now that we have a chance to review this, let’s begin:

First let’s start with Joseph Addai, a solid 2nd year running back that plays on perhaps the best offense in the NFL and will now carry 90% of the rushing load. Based on his workload he should see plenty of opportunity to rack up a lot of fantasy points this year. Joseph Addai is now the man in Indy since, Dominic Rhoades moved onto Oakland, and I highly doubt DeDe will impact Addai’s fantasy value. Addai has all the tools you want out of a top fantasy RB: he can run and he can catch and he can score. That makes him a prime back for Indy’s offense. One of the concerns for anyone looking to draft him is the fact that he shared time with Rhoades. So that presents some questions. Will he hold up for a whole season without breaking down? Will he have a sophomore slump? Will defenses key in on him more? All of these questions must be talked about in order to fully weigh your decision.

Bottom Line: I see Addai as a RB who will have a very nice season with that offense in Indy. A season that could land him in the top 5 in scoring for a RB.

Addai Prediction:

1400 rush yards, 60 receptions, 500 yards receiving, 11 total tds

Second on our list Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles, a change the game kind of back, he is one of the most versatile backs in the NFL. There is nothing this guy can’t do, he can run and catch the ball with the best of them. The best thing about this man is he can score from anywhere on the field at anytime. He can also line up all over the field so planning a way to stop him is extremely hard to do. Brian has had issues at times missing games due to injury in the last few years. Last season he missed one game all year (against GB. I personally think they were unsure of his knee and didn’t think they needed him to win so they gave him some rest). We found out during last season that he learned to play with the pain and was held out of a lot of the practices to stay fresh for the games. I personally don’t think he is as fragile as some people believe. He has handled a big part of the Eagles offense last season and I see no change in his impact this year. My only concern would be with the return of a healthy McNabb. Does

Andy Reid go back to a pass heavy offense, or does Andy use a more balanced attack and utilize all the skills of a Brian Westbrook?

Bottom Line: I see Andy Reid using Brian Westbrook all over the field and will be the #1 receiver on the eagles. Along with a healthy McNabb I see a lot of holes that open up due to McNabb’s arm.

Westbrook prediction:


1150 rush yards, 75 receptions, 750 yards receiving, 10 TD

Third on this short list of names is Frank Gore. The man absolutely rocked last year and was a big part of many people’s fantasy championships. He was by far the most shocking surprise in Fantasy Football. I know some sights had him as a sleeper and a 5-6 rd pick but he was a true sleeper pick last season. My, what one season like that does to someone’s fantasy value. The nice thing is not much has changed for Gore; Alex Smith should have a better year. Vernon Davis should improve with the off-season workouts and getting a bit more familiar with the San Fran offense. The addition of Darrell Jackson should open up some nice running lanes for Gore. Since they added Jackson and when Davis gets better, defenses wont be able to key only on Gore. Frank should see another nice year on the gridiron, which leads him to another nice year in fantasy football as well. One of the few concerns I hear about Gore is the loss of Norv Turner as the OC. Norv has done some great things with some great RB’s. That leads to the questions on Gore. Will Gore continue to grow without Norv or will he regress? Will Gore’s knees hold up under another year of pounding in the NFL. Has the offense grown enough to allow Gore the space to work in?

Bottom Line: HC Mike Nolan will continue to lean on Frank Gore to be the main source of the Offense. I don’t see him disappointing either he is a strong back with a big heart look for even bigger things.

Gore Prediction:

1400 yard rushing, 60 receptions, 600 yards receiving,10 TD

Last on this list and definitely not least, Reggie Bush. All I can say is wow, how in the world did Houston pass on this guy. He’s a versatile back that can be lined up anywhere on the field and do a lot of damage when he touches the ball. Sean Peyton will continue to add to Reggie’s workload making him a very dangerous player this year. When you look back at last year’s numbers as the year progressed, his production increased. Having another year under his belt his should improve his statistics in all categories. I have seen some articles talking about Bush’s off-season workouts and commitment to becoming better. I would be very shocked if Sean Peyton doesn’t find more ways to use Reggie. Having Colston, Henderson and McAllister make defending against him very difficult. This year I see him all over the field and his yardage should see a nice increase as well as a few more TD’s. The questions on Reggie: Will McAllsiter continue to get the carries in the red zone and steal some TD’s? Can he repeat his performance in 2006 with people scheming to stop him? Was New Orleans a one year wonder?

Bottom Line: There is no way coach Peyton doesn’t find more ways to include Reggie into this offense. He will flat out impress a lot more people this year when he shows them what he can do in year 2.

Bush Prediction:

700 rush yards, 80 receptions, 900 yards receiving, 12 TD

Deciding on a player is a difficult thing; there are so many things you need to consider. The offense they play in, the lines that block for them and the talent that surrounds them. Also you need to know the following: Will they share carries and if so how many will they lose? Is he the number 1 option of his offense? Can they handle the workload and the pressure? So many questions so little time

(unpause time)

tick tock tick tock

And with the 4th pick you have selected…..

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