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Draft Software (Draft Predictor 2021)

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Draft Predictor 2021 for Windows Released!  

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Your drafting partner: Draft Predictor is Fantasy Football Draft Software that puts everything right at your fingertips. It displays cheat sheets, draft picks, team rosters, depth charts, schedules, rookies, injuries, statistics, average draft position, and more.  Rankings, projections, and player outlooks are updated with the click of a button.   True to its name, Draft Predictor predicts which players are likely to be taken for the next two rounds of your draft.
  • Draft Board contains:
    • Predicted picks for the next two rounds
    • Next desired player, picks to go, and next probable player
    • Draft history
    • Cheat sheets with sorting, searching, and filtering
    • Team rosters
    • The number of players drafted at each position by each team
    • Player notes / recent statistics
    • Draft pick timer
    • Color-coded tier markers by position
  • Web updates for cheat sheets, ADP and player injuries/news
  • Prediction engine:
    • Analysis of drop-off in player value
    • Alternate predictions (disagree, and ask for the next best prediction!)
  • Average Draft Position (ADP) data
  • Cheat sheets from Draft Planner (PAVT and VBD) or custom Excel spreadsheets
  • Player capsules
  • Depth charts
  • HTML draft board (great for use as a live draft board!)
  • Player profiles with strength of schedule
  • Support for keepers and auction-style drafts
  • Serpentine, sequential, and custom draft order with import feature
  • Each owner in the league can be assigned their own cheat sheet and drafting style
  • Auto-complete for mock drafting
  • Reports
  • Graphical or tabular data views
  • Import league information and get live draft updates from
  • Live draft updates from MyFantasyLeague, CBS, and RTSports
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    Note that Yahoo changed their interface in 2015 which broke the ability to synch Draft Predictor with live drafts.



For some background on the application, check out the Functionality Overview or just jump in by reviewing the Quick Start Guide.

The on-line cheat sheet generator, Draft Planner is a companion application to Draft Predictor.


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