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Are we married to fantasy football?

At the end of every fantasy season I tell myself that I’m done playing, trophy or no trophy. And every July I get that itch when training camps start. Despite all the ups and downs of a season that exhaust every ounce of sanity I have, I still come back to wanting it more the next season. There must be a reason for this. Why would I put myself through countless hours of research and strategy to only be trounced emotionally time and time again? It almost appears that I’m involved in a marriage to this game.

I can draw many comparisons between operating a fantasy team to having a relationship with my significant other. Some might find that fantasy football is a good way to get away from your significant other from time to time. You might find this quite interesting.

Fantasy Football is a full-time job

. Same goes for any successful marriage. They both take a lot of attention … whether it’s planning for a draft, setting a lineup, planning a trade, or scouring the waiver wire for the next big free agent. There’s even more work in running a league. The days of looking at your lineup once a week are gone in today’s information age. There are so many resources these days that you have to treat it as such.

Fantasy Football takes careful planning.

Same goes in marriage. It takes strategy, patience and timely execution to get the results you want. Failure to do this could result in a long and unproductive relationship.

Fantasy Football may, at times, cost you money

. Ditto in a relationship. Every league I participate in costs some form of cash. All of them pay out to the winners. But I like to think of it as an investment for the future. Now if you fail at fantasy football it might cost you. Same holds true for any marriage.

Fantasy Football is a passion.

Last time I checked the majority of marriages were about the passion for a certain individual. We love the game as well as our spouses. That is what keeps bringing us back for more.

Fantasy Football has ups and downs

. Such as life, and relationships, football takes us to the highest peaks and the lowest valleys. It’s short, full of action, and it’s unpredictable. They also bring out the best and worst of any individual. Either way we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Now this may or may not hold true for most of you, but this is what happens when it’s offseason and we’re hitting the lazy days of summer. The bottom line is to enjoy it while it lasts because, such as with life, it goes by quickly. Now let’s bring on the preseason!

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