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As the Football Turns – Week 2

Dallas owner, Jerry Jones, complained about the Giants faking injuries in order to slow down the Cowboys offense.

Jerry must have been upset because isn’t slowing down the Cowboys offense head coach Jason Garrett’s job?

The NFL set a record in Week 1 by throwing for 63 touchdown passes, the most ever in one week.

What makes that record even more impressive is the fact that Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert failed to
throw a single touchdown pass between them. Also, Geno Smith, Cam Newton, Christian Ponder, Ryan
Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Josh Freeman, Terrelle Pryor, Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger combined
for a total of nine touchdown passes; one from each of them. Can you imagine what the record could have
been had every NFL team had an NFL-caliber quarterback?

According to NFL media columnist Mike Silver, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is frustrated with the Jets.

Finally, Sanchez gets to walk in the shoes of every Jets’ fan. The only difference being Sanchez will get
paid $8.25 million for his frustration. S
anchez was seen on the field throwing the ball left-handed prior to the Jets-Patriots game Thursday
He may actually be on to something…

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola could miss anywhere between 2-6 weeks with a groin injury.

That noise you hear coming from the New England area is the collective groan of the Patriots’ brass
getting kicked in the pocket book. Not only does Amendola fail to get through one game without getting
hurt but Wes Welker shines in the national spotlight as he goes for 9/67/2 as Peyton Manning connected on
nine of 11 targets with his new BFF. Is this another in a long line of karmic payback from Spygate?

Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley wrote ‘Chiefs suck!’ on a napkin, but means no disrespect.

Reportedly, this incident happened last Saturday night at a restaurant as Haley signed a napkin for a fan. The the next day the Steelers went on to lose to
Tennessee 16-9, while the Chiefs blasted Jacksonville 28-2. I think what Haley meant was that the Chiefs
sucked when he was their head coach and now he’ll work that same magic as offensive coordinator for the Steelers. And I mean no disrespect when I
say that.

Steelers’ offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey had his knee blown out in Week 1 by his own teammate.

Steelers’ offensive lineman David DeCastro was attempting to cut-block Titans defensive tackle Sammie Hill
when he missed and nailed Pouncey, ending his season. This could only happen on an offense coordinated by
Todd Haley.

‘We’re so good at running back,’ said Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians prior to the season.

Last year, the Cardinals were dead last with 1,204 rushing yards on 352 attempts for an average of 3.4
yards per carry. In the preseason they carried the ball 35 times for 92 yards (2.6 ypc) and in their Week
1 loss to the Rams they rushed the ball 26 times for 86 yards (3.3 ypc). With an average August
temperature of 105-degrees in Glendale, Arizona, we can always just blame the heat. Someone get that man
to a cooling center.

It only took one game, but Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is already complaining about his workload.

Did I just read that correctly? An NFL running back is complaining that he’s getting too many carries? Oh
yeah, you heard that right! Only in America can you sign a $45.615 million contract, with $20.765 million
guaranteed, and then complain about your workload one game in to the season. What a wonderful land we live in!

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