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As the Football Turns – Week 4

49ers embarrass themselves with handling of Aldon Smith.

A mere hours after 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh allowed Aldon Smith, who had been arrested for drunk driving just two days prior, to play in Week 3’s game versus the Colts, 49ers president Jed York announced that Smith would be away from the team indefinitely. I guess it took a 27-7 butt-kicking by the Colts to bring the 49ers’ brass to its senses.


This ain’t the Sweet Pea that I remember.

Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was allegedly struck in the head with a bottle while on a Ravens’ party bus by a stripper named Sweet Pea. Oh, Popeye!


How do you spell party? B-R-Y-A-N-T M-C-K-I-N-N-I-E

First the ‘Love Boat’ now the ‘Party Bus.’ McKinnie’s parties make ‘Risky Business’ look like a kids’ party at Chuck-E-Cheese.


Brett Favre reportedly has arms like a blacksmith.

According to Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook, Favre is in the best shape of his life and even has arms like a blacksmith. No duh! In 2010, Favre’s last year in the league, he threw 11 TD passes while throwing 19 interceptions. He had the touch of a blacksmith back then.


Major $5 pizza chain to put disclaimer on pizza boxes.

In order to help prevent future incidents like the one that caused Detroit’s Nate Burleson to lose control of his car and break his arm, a major $5 pizza chain has put this disclaimer on its boxes…

DISCLAIMER: Should pizza begin to slip off of seat while in transport: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GRAB! Allow pizza to fall on to floor then use as floor mat.


Rebranding of the Redskins would cost the team an estimated $15 million.

Given that the Dutch were able to purchase Manhattan from the Indians for $951.08 in today’s money, you can see Daniel Snyder’s reluctance to pay $15 million to simply change the Redskins’ name. Can someone put Snyder in touch with the guy who brokered the deal for Manhattan?


Corporate America to begin bashing employees on Twitter as motivational tool.

After seeing how 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick used Twitter as motivation after playing like crap in back-to-back loses to Seattle and Indianapolis, it was only a matter of time before everybody was doing it.

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