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Audibles Examines Bye Week Pickups Week 7

I’m sure
you’ve found yourself in similar situations than I have. My main wide receiver
in my primary league, Anquan Boldin, is a game-time decision.

Nate Burleson, my No. 2 WR, is on a bye. So I have Donald Driver starting along
with waiver wire du jour. I scan the wire looking for a one-week wonder. My
dilemma is not that difficult when you think about it. I have to drop a running
back to grab a one-week wonder.

I must drop Darren McFadden, who I picked up after he was injured because I had
the intent of holding onto him for next year.

However, I doubt his projected value will ever be realized since he resides in
the fantasy graveyard that is Oakland.
So it’s really a no-brainer, but the fan in me that is nostalgic about great
collegiate players hates to do it.

That’s what McFadden was … simply a great collegiate player like J.J. Stokes,
Ryan Leaf, Doug Flutie, Ryan Moats, Kordell Stewart, Brad Smith, Rick Mirer and
dozens of others that never really were good at the professional level.

The fan in me wanted to see McFadden become something special like Marshall
Faulk, Shaun Alexander, Emmitt Smith and Thurmon Thomas.

He has all the same tools but lacks the opportunity in Oakland. Part of me wonders what could have
been if Run DMC would have landed with a good offensive line like Denver?

Boldin, as of today, looks better according to a Arizona newspaper who said he might be able
to practice Friday. Regardless, I have to dump the dead weight of McFadden to
pick up another wide receiver. I have a tough schedule coming up and need a guy
with some upside, who I can rely on if someone goes down. McFadden, at this
point, doesn’t fit that bill. Adios amigo!

Having taken care of all my byes with respect to running backs, I am going to
look at another position. I will roll the dice the rest of the way with Chris
Johnson, Marion Barber III, and this week’s fill in, Larry Johnson.

I saw some of the old Larry J last week. I told you all last week that running
out of the shotgun formation is not his strength with the state of the Chiefs
offensive line. Someone must have heard me in Kansas City, as Larry had less carries from
that formation.

I love his chances this week at home against a very weak San Diego defense. Last week he carried 23
times for 83 yards, a 3.61 yards per carry average. This week he eclipses the
century mark on fewer carries, 20 for 106 and a TD plus four catches for 42
yards. This is one of the best bye week matchups I’ve seen.

Can you believe Chad Henne’s accuracy? I’m now sporting a “Henne is fantasy
relevant” bumper sticker. He had an unbelievable performance two weeks ago
against a very good Jets defense who rolled the casino blitz on third down and
watched Henne deliver a perfect pass to Greg Camarillo. He also connected on a
53-yarder to Ted Ginn Jr., which was a very precise deep ball.

This kid can make all the throws, as evidenced by his 76.92 completion
percentage. This week in New Orleans
is the ultimate test. He will throw far less against the Saints as the game
plan will be to keep Drew Brees off the field. So don’t start him just yet, but
know that he fits into the Dolphins long-term plans, which includes him going
over the top on defenses who will key on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

If you are in need this week, I would roll him before I started the likes of
Marc Bulger (vs. Indianapolis), Shaun Hill (at Houston), Josh Johnson (vs. New England in Tampa Bay), Derek
Anderson (vs. Green Bay), Jason Campbell (vs. Philadelphia) or JaMarcus Russell
(vs. New York Jets).

I expect some good things going forward with Miami’s young receiving corps.Expect some
quality stats in Weeks 10-16.

At wide receiver, it gets thin this week for bye weeks. I love Steelers wideout
Mike Wallace out of Mississippi.
He has adequate size, great speed and good hands. He’s the reason Limas Sweed
is riding the pine. He ran the second best 40 time at the combine at 4.33
seconds. Hines Ward is getting longer in the tooth every year. I think Wallace
is the obvious replacement although Ward has at least two seasons remaining. I’m
picking him up now and so should you. Why wait when you have dead weight?

The fact that the Steelers will be forced to throw to stay with Minnesota is all the
reason I need. Wallace will draw the weak link in the coverage, and believe me
this guy runs routes much better than you expect out of a rookie. He is owned
in only 34.73 percent of leagues. I’m thinking the 29 targets in the last six
weeks and the lone rush for 21 yards last week indicates that Wallace is very
much in the game plan going forward. Laugh at me now and send me an e-mail
later apologizing for your oversight. I’m on board with any Pittsburgh receiver this week, including the one
who draws the weakest link.

Thanks for listening to my problems. You’ve all saved me a pant load of cash.
Imagine the embarrassment of having to tell a shrink that most of my problems
stem from not being able to differentiate between a great collegiate player and
a solid pro, on an imaginary team in a 20-year old league where grown men cry.
I know how that would turn out.

I can see me now popping Prozac like M&M’s while watching replays
of the January 27, 1991 Super Bowl XXV while chanting “laces out” for
Scott Norwood. “Laces out” Frank Reich!!! “Laces Out!!”

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