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Audibles for Week 10

Chris Chambers made a splash on Sunday in a new uniform. I told you earlier that this was a good situation for a receiver. Your team plays from behind all game and you have to throw the pigskin. Forget the self proclaimed fantasy football masterminds from other web sites. They inform you of last weeks news.

I’m different, I told you it was good last week. Expect more as Chambers will get as many looks as he can handle. He’s not really competing for looks with Lance Long. Chiefs will throw 35 plus times ever week.

Larry Johnson has value still without being on a roster.

If he gets signed with the Patriots, or Chargers. Forget about the Texans, and Redskins. Chargers don’t have a NFL caliber back now. LT is just about done, and Sproles is too small to be every down. I think this may be the situation that makes sense. The Raiders almost gave up Michael Bush in the Off season to San Diego. Also the Pats have need if Fred Taylor is done. I think at this point the Pats will wait as they have old reliable Kevin Faulk, Laurence Maroney, and Ben Jarvus Green Ellis. I am looking forward to this progressing tomorrow.

I think Larry signs within 48 hours some where and he plays this weekend. Cross your fingers folks.

I bombed on Kevin Walter again so I’m done talking about him. I am now waiting for him to go off for a single game. I think he’s at least a one week wonder. If you own him now, put him on your bench.

We waited for Greg Olsen to bust out. Well some of us did, but I dropped him for Jason Witten. I was surprised that he was on the wire.

Dallas will utilize him soon enough and that’s better than having to guess between Olsen and Kellen Davis every other week. Wait for someone in your league to get fed up and exploit the opportunity.

I ended up with Driver, Burleson, and Witten this year. I snatched them all from the waiver wire in a twelve team keeper league.

Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy in Green Bay have eaten the biggest helping of crow this season. Favre beats them twice and then they get embarrassed by the Bucs who haven’t won since last year. Pack your bags. They had to bring Ahman Green back for some nostalgia? Gimme a huge break.

Mike Singletary got a collect call from his village. They want their idiot back. He went on record saying “It’s tough times that make the good times that much more special.” He went on to say that you don’t know your spouse until you are upon hard times. I’m sending his village a calling card for more frequent calls.

The things he says are laughable. You lost four straight including being embarrassed by Tennessee that was 32nd against the pass.

How about addressing the fact that your quarterbacks aren’t good? Instead we get a lifetime network movie punch line. You must really know your spouse Mike because that has nothing to do with your four game skid. Maybe his spouse shouts out the skid marks in his drawers?

I have no pearls of wisdom for you except these:

I’d love to get a look at Ben Jarvus Green Ellis this year. I really think he’s good. He’s shown me enough at the goal line that if he were starting, he’d be my horse.

The same can be said about Javon Ringer who will run LenDale White out of Tennessee.

I’m telling you now about Ringer so when White gets traded, or signs with another club next year you’ll know why. This kid may be the strongest player pound for pound in the game. Although as long as Chris Johnson is in town, who cares? CJ is tearing it up. Mr. 4.24 has reservations for 6 this weekend against Buffalo’s poor defense. Is 2000 yards coming? Eric Dickerson has wet his adult diaper.

Thanks for the read, I’ll be back next week with some projections now that I skipped prognosticating for a couple of weeks. It’s humbling.

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