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Audibles for Week 9

Audibles looks at Week 9

Hey folks, It’s Week 9
already. I’ve had some bad weeks and some pretty darn good ones too. I missed
the boat on Kevin Walter last week, but I still believe he will break out.
Walter is simply too talented not to. This week against

Indianapolis is it. Owen Daniels is out for

Houston and safety Bob
Sanders is as well for Indy.

I think this game is a
higher-scoring affair. Expect a season high catches for Walter.

Last week Kevin Smith did
fairly well, but he didn’t kill the Rams, nor did he deserve the billing he got
from a few sites as the No. 1 play. Had those sites looked at trends, they
would have realized the Rams defense isn’t the reason they get smoked; rather
it’s the offense. Marc Bulger gets behind then they are forced to throw all day
long, which leads to pressure, sacks, fumbles and poor throws. Bulger has been
hit so many times that he rarely steps into throws. Maurice Morris looked great
in relief of Smith. Expect to see him get a dozen carries this week.

This week I am on the
Torry Holt wagon. He has been the most consistent option, but hasn’t had the
huge games like his counter part Mike Sims-Walker. Holt lacks the gear that his
teammate has but still can get behind you and runs very precise routes. Forget
that I am a Rams fan for a minute and look at his matchups the next few weeks(

Kansas City in Week 9,

in Week 11 and

San Francisco
in Week 12. Holt has gas left in the tank, I assure you.

My top play this week at
tight end is Jason Witten. He should be the top red zone target against a

Philadelphia defense that
gives up a league-high eight points a week to tight ends. Expect a touchdown,
and also expect lots of blitzing by Philly, which translates to check downs. A
quarterback’s best friend is the big tight end when he’s in trouble.

Chris Chambers in

Kansas City is an
interesting prospect. Most of the fantasy community will say stay away but I
have another take on the subject.

Imagine a team that must
throw the football because they are playing from behind all the time. You don’t
have to imagine. The opportunity has arrived. Dwayne Bowe was the only receiver
that had any fantasy relevance until this development.

Chambers has an enormous
chip on his shoulder. He has been less than a model citizen in

San Diego and had outcast himself out of the
weekly game plan. I think the change will be good for both teams. I look
forward to seeing this situation progress.

Thanks for the read
folks! I will be relaxing having a nice breakfast on Sunday in the comfort of
my own home utilizing my feet in pajamas. The footwear portion of the pajamas
is extraordinary as the temperature drops.

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