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Audibles: Insights going into Week 5

The Kansas City Chiefs have said that Matt Cassel is their choice at quarterback no matter how bad he plays. Right now he is really stinking up the joint, but rest assured that no matter how bad he is, the reason that they don’t look into benching him is because they have nothing else. I mean absolutely nothing.

Brady Quinn is a quarterback in name only. People remember him as a signal caller from college. He never lived up to his hype. I have a news flash for you…Cassel on his worst day has more chance of getting a ball to the target than Quinn.

The main problem is that Cassel’s stats get padded after the game is out of reach. Dwayne Bowe makes a living out of garbage time yards and touchdowns.

The unfortunate fact of fantasy football is that the stats still count. Jamaal Charles is the only player that I have seen that has enough skills to be an every week starter. I don’t see him lasting the entire season if they continue to force feed him the ball. Charles has 50 carries and nine catches in the last two weeks. This week he faces Ray Lewis and company at home. There is no garbage time in this game, folks. I’m going to see a true stat line this week, and it’s about time. You can click your red sparkly shoes in Kansas City while saying, “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy.

I acknowledge that Kansas City is a tough place to play. It absolutely isn’t going to matter this week, and you heard it here. I’m all too happy to tell you that Baltimore dominates this one.

Chris Johnson’s stock just went from all-time low to wait-and-see. The change at quarterback to Matt Hasselbeck helps Johnson’s value. I own Johnson myself in one league and will personally wait until Week 8 to use him at home against Indianapolis. I love his speed but hate the inconsistencies that surround him. Johnson is
not out of the fantasy doghouse quite yet.

The Cincinnati Bengals are really looking to establish the weapons around A.J. Green. The fact remains if Green doesn’t catch a ball and run it in, he is not getting across the stripe at all.

Green is drawing all kinds of attention near the red zone. Andy Dalton looked in the direction of Armon Binns three times on one drive in the end zone. While none of you may find this situation intriguing, I do. I’m in the belief that five targets can be enough to put up decent numbers if the conversion rate is there. Last week it wasn’t, but in my opinion by seasons end you will see it.

I expect that this also translates into more looks for Jermaine Gresham and Andrew Hawkins as they try to have some balance.

Brandon Bolden got plenty of carries during New England’s rout this past weekend. While my knee jerk reaction is that it was just garbage time, I do see a little glimmer here. Danny Woodhead is hardly touching the ball in the carry department. Woodhead, who averaged about eight carries a game, was blanked last Sunday, which gives room for my conspiracy theory that Bolden is moving up coach Bill Belichick’s pecking order.

Stevan Ridley looks like a 20-carry back to me. He never gets much more than that. Keep Bolden on watch this week because if any back were to lose the handle on a football, they might be replaced with another.

While you can’t start a player based on vying for more carries, Bolden has the confidence of the coaching staff, which means it only takes an event such as a fumble or a missed block to have Belichick switch directions.

I don’t buy into the hype that Jacquizz Rodgers is better suited to what Atlanta does. He’s no better than Jerious Norwood was a few years ago. His limited touches and Michael Turner’s monster game last weekend tell me another story. I am so tired of hearing talk about the coming of Rodgers. He isn’t even a blip on my radar at 2.88 yards per carry this season. Turner still has all the attributes that make him an elite back and we will continue to see Rodgers have limited touches.

Did anyone take notice that Brandon Jacobs is healthy and available for work? He is, and you should believe that it’s Jacobs and not fellow back Kendall Hunter that will see the carries behind Frank Gore. I believe that he may see a whole lot of action against a Buffalo Bills team that ranks 29th against running backs. Jacobs is pretty darn hard to tackle in the open field, breaks routine tackles, and has adequate hands. He is a fantastic short yardage back and could even excel at the goal line. This week’s match up seems like a pretty good one as Buffalo travels to San Francisco. I don’t see a ton of points for the Bills, either.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is either really streaky good or really streaky bad. I think he borrows a page out of the Jay Cutler book from two weeks ago and throws a few interceptions. The 49ers’ running game explodes and there is plenty to go around. Jacobs is a
sneaky play this week.

I talked about Greg Zuerlein last week. I am still on board after the monster performance last week. The St. Louis defense is really setting up the offense with nice field position. The Rams are moving the ball, and when the drive stalls it’s Zuerlein that brings it home from 60 yards last week. Being the true Rams fan that I am, I can’t help but mention the Rams defense against Kevin Kolb on Thursday night. Look for the Rams to continue to force interceptions with a solid pass rush. The Rams have eight interceptions in four games, and coach Jeff Fisher has the whole team believing. Be on the lookout for rookie Chris Givens as he continues to get familiar with this offense. Givens has world class speed and good hands.

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