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Audibles: Week 15

This has been a really tough week. I lost a friend this week that was someone who was truly a great person. It was tough to focus on anything really, including fantasy football. It is inevitable that we are to lose folks that play important roles in our lives. However, the show must go on. Fantasy football is as much a part of my life as an old friend. As I continue on my journey on the earth, there is one less person that has to worry about setting a lineup during playoff time. Although part of me feels like I want to go to sleep and stop my mind from racing. This article is keeping me focused on something positive.

Last week I had some fun at my expense doing an impersonation of the best prognosticator in the business. As you’ll see, I didn’t quite have the same success, but I had an incredible time doing it. Thank you to all the readers who gave me an opportunity to enter their minds and give them an idea of what I think about every week. Sometimes I feel like some folks benefit from the things I talk about, and other times I feel like my analysis is mediocre. One thing that I never think is that I regurgitate information that the rest of the fantasy community is talking about. I consider myself a forward thinker.

That being said let’s celebrate my successes and laugh at my inadequacies.

9 Wins


. I love to see the San Francisco 49ERS lose. I told you that they just hang around games and that defense gets them some wins. They hung around last week and lost just like I told you they would. Arizona Cardinals over the 49ers, 21-19. I had this game at 24-20. Sweeeeet!

. Detroit Lions over the Minnesota Vikings, 34-28. I had this game at 31-20. Decent analysis.

. New Orleans Saints over the Tennessee Titans, 22-17. I had this game at 34-27. My crystal ball was a little cloudy.

. New York Jets over the Kansas City Chiefs, 37-10. I had this game at 31-13. Not too shabby.

. Atlanta Falcons over the Carolina Panthers, 31-23. I had this game at 27-24. Solid analysis.

. Baltimore Ravens over the Indianapolis Colts, 24-10. I had this game at 34-13. Still a win in my book.

. Denver Broncos over the Chicago Bears, 13-10. I had this game at 20-19. Maybe I should (Tim) Tebow more.

. Green Bay Packers over the Oakland Raiders, 46-16. I had this game at 31-22. Cloudy with chance of showers, but not as close of a game as I saw.

. New England Patriots over the Washington Redskins, 34-27. I had this game at 38-24. Easy like Sunday morning.

5 Losses


. Philadelphia Eagles over the Miami Dolphins 26-10. I blew it and thought the Dolphins would show, 26-23. Loss

. New York Giants over the Dallas Cowboys, 37-34. I had the Cowboys, 27-24. Loss

. Houston Texans over the Cincinnati Bengals, 20-19. I had Bengals closing this one out, 20-17. Close but no cigar.

. San Diego Chargers over the Buffalo Bills, 37-10. What was I thinking? San Diego, 34-30. I said call me crazy.

. Jacksonville Jaguars over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 41-14. I had the Buccaneers, 24-21. Mirage.

I won’t be doing any speculation for a while because it’s simply not my gig. We have someone much more qualified than me. Thanks for laughing with me or at me when looking at the inadequacies. It was laughable. That was so last week.

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