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Audibles Week 3: Scenarios to watch

Week 2’s surprises are over and I’m personally glad. We saw how bad teams like the Chiefs and Raiders are. I keep wondering why folks see value in players on these teams. Is it because guys like Dwayne Bowe get big stats in complete garbage time? I just can’t bear to watch either of these teams play. I guess it doesn’t matter when your stats come as long as they do. I still don’t buy into owning players from either one of situations. Sure you can make a case a couple times a year, like bye weeks, that starting someone from one of these teams makes sense. Okay you can make a case for two offensive players, but that’s about all.

I’m making a case to watch the Red Zone channel only. That way I can avoid all the mistakes that the scrub referee’s make. Oh wait, these turds are everywhere in games, on the Red Zone channel, and in Steven Jackson‘s dreams. It’s a bad situation when you have to turn to a guy like Mike Perreira who looks like Barry Weiss from TV’s Storage Wars for an explanation of what the rule is. I better get to Week 3 scenarios before someone knocks me off my soapbox.

My Week 3 Audibles

The Buffalo Bills have seen a few stars go down in the last two weeks. After David Nelson went down, one could guess that it would be Donald Jones to get the bulk of the work opposite Stevie Johnson. Wait a minute here folks. It seems that the additional work is going the direction of TE- Scott Chandler. It makes perfect sense to me now…

Take Chandler this week vs. a Cleveland Browns defense that ranks 23rd against the tight end. I like this match up and Chandler has already notched two TD’s on six catches. He was targeted over five times each week thus far. If you have an injury, I have your solution. I can go on about size and hands, but it may sound too much like your dating career and I just can’t go there now. Grab Chandler as he is available in better than 85% of leagues. Cheap- Cheap for now.

I gave you a couple of receivers last week to look at in Andrew Hawkins and Andre Roberts. I was disappointed in the targets and yardage totals, but they both found the end zone. I still have confidence in both, but Armon Binns has climbed into my head and he won’t leave. That sounds like a confessional that would require me to relax and lay back in a leather chair equipped with an ottoman. So just as I thought that it could be Hawkins emerging as the perfect compliment to A.J. Green, here comes Binns. After 10 targets in the last two weeks, I have liked watching the big bodied Binns emerge as someone who could come out of virtually nowhere to full-time starter. I’ll keep on taking my meds and you keep a watch on this situation. I’m thinking long term value obviously.

Brandon Gibson of the Rams has caught a TD in each of the first two contests.
While that is what stat chasers are looking at, I’m looking at how confident Sam Bradford is playing. There is more there than just Danny Amendola you know.

Watch this situation closely as most thought that rookies Brian Quick, and Chris Givens were going to develop by seasons end. I’m looking for Gibson to prove me wrong and continue his solid play. I’m not buying Gibson is for real just yet, but last year I did think he had an outside shot at being a regular contributor.

I watched Brandon LaFell in depth and really liked what I have seen to date.
However, if a receiver is going to pop up from obscurity to relevance in Carolina then it should be Louis Murphy. The Raiders traded Murphy for a Snickers bar, an order of Chili fries, and a diet soda. Yeah basically nothing, a late round conditional pick. Okay so LaFell is the number two receiver. Keep an eye on Murphy, he has a pretty good chance to find a permanent home. Since Cam Newton isn’t using Greg Olsen, then why not Murphy?

This just in… The New England Patriots like tight ends. How about a former
Tampa Bay Buccaneer, and almost Seattle Seahawk? (until USC product Anthony McCoy beat him out.) Yeah, the rumor mill is alive and well. The “soldier” makes a decent fill in play except that he is slower and nowhere near the talent level of Aaron Hernandez. Temper expectations as this is a mirage. Illinois Mike is on the roster already and I’m hearing that this is a three-to-five week injury.

Did anyone notice Greg “the leg” Zuerlein moving up your kicker points scored out of nowhere. The way Sam Bradford is playing right now, I believe that he ends up Top 5 easily. Rumor mill says this guy hits from 60 regularly in practice and Jeff Fisher thinks he can break the NFL record. What? Are kickers getting into the football player category again? Nah.

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