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Audibles – Week 7 – The Ribs

Last Sunday the 49ers got embarrassed by the New York Giants. The fantasy owners that had 49ers players took a real bath. This week versus Seattle, I think that we have a pretty low scoring affair. I’m thinking the only logical starts in this game are the two defenses, David Akers, Frank Gore, and Marshawn Lynch.

Alex Smith finally showed his true colors this week, and if he’s your starting quarterback, you are in serious trouble. Colin Kaepernick had the best play-action fake without a RB in the backfield this week. It was hilarious.

David Wilson of the New York Giants has climbed out of Tom Coughlin’s doghouse and is starting to be relevant. Andre Brown had some injury issues and Wilson’s explosive play may vault him ahead of Brown. Speaking of injury, Ahmad Bradshaw has had foot problems in both feet every year. Based on the 57 carries in the last two weeks, I’d say the wheels may come off the bus sooner, rather than later. Wilson has fresh wheels and his issues with ball security seem to be a thing of the past. It makes sense to acquire now while you can still get him and especially if you own Bradshaw.

If you are considering picking up Felix Jones this week after the injury to DeMarco Murray, consider another candidate as well. Lance Dunbar who will
take some reps as a kick returner this week is a good candidate to leap frog Phillip Tanner to second on the depth chart. I have seen Felix Jones falter before and this week may be the same. Carolina will pose some problems for Dallas and expect the Cowboys’ coaching staff to have Jones on a short leash.
He is not the future of this team and Jerry Jones wants to get a long look at Dunbar. This may be the week when you look at the numbers and the match-up and it makes sense, but somehow another person emerges.

Don’t get too excited over Montario Hardesty’s performance last week. While he showed good burst on a few plays, he averaged a mere 3.73 yards per carry. He may again be used this week against a Colts team that is dead last against opposing running backs in terms of fantasy points in standard format.
You may use him, but check the health of Trent Richardson (rib) before you do.

This week you can stand by your man because Chris Johnson sheds his 401k and becomes the new and improved CJ1k. We can drop the 2k because there is more of a chance that you win the lottery than get 2,000 yards from a guy with a sub par line, money in the bank, and 30-inch rims on his cruiser. So go out and get your tickets but make sure he is in your lineup against a 29th ranked Bills defense vs. running backs. This is the week, or bust.

While we talk about Titans’ players, I can’t help but mention Kendall Wright who looks incredibly confident about his role and contributions. Wright has been targeted 38 times in the last four weeks and while his averages aren’t going to astound anyone, that’s an awful lot of targets for a rookie. As he grows and matures as a player, you can see something pretty special going on here.

Mike Williams has surprised most critics and despite being the second target behind Vincent Jackson, he has made the most of his opportunities. I absolutely think that if this early season pace continues, that he ends up in the top 10- 12 receivers. This week vs. the New Orleans Saints, who have been in the bottom third against receivers, is a good start for Williams provided Josh Freeman doesn’t turn Mr. Hyde on us.

If you had an off week last week, like I did, get yourself a rack of ribs this week.St. Louis style spare ribs or baby back ribs are the best. Some good fat content is what you are looking for.

Marinate them overnight in a third of a cup of apple cider vinegar and give them a nice rub down with coriander seed, brown sugar, smoky paprika, and sea salt. Leave them in the fridge for 24-to-48 hours.

Clear the cobwebs off of your charcoal barbecue and scrub the grill.

Add about 20 briquettes on one side of your grill and place ribs on opposite side of surface. Indirect heat is the best, or low and slow as we foodies call it. Start that grill at about 8:30 am and every hour add an extra briquette or some wood chunks. I find that mesquite works pretty good and is readily available in most grocery stores. Soak those chips in beer and add a few per hour. Get a spray bottle and fill it with apple juice to spray the ribs a few times during the process. Let’s face it, you probably don’t need it to iron your shirts anyway. Baste them with your favorite BBQ sauce about 12:30 pm after about four hours on the grill. I prefer Old Mule full kick or Woody’s cooking sauce, but you know what you like, already. Take the ribs off at 1:00 pm and put them in a pyrex dish and cover for 10 minutes. Baste lightly with a little barbecue sauce and lock your door. The neighbors can smell perfection. Sit yourself in front of the television and enjoy. You deserve it.

For you advanced foodies with a grill thermometer, you are looking to get as close to 205 degrees as you can. If you cook hotter, they will be done faster but you may sacrifice quality to eat early.

Make certain to take a knife and remove the membrane on the back where the bones are. It should come off pretty darn easy after the vinegar sets in. Cook bone side down or if you are fancy and have a rib rack then that works better.

Football is about
YOU time, not inviting folks over that you don’t care for. That’s why I don’t answer the door or the phone. Keep these tips in mind, and as always have a successful Sunday.

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