Thursday - Jul 9, 2020

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Curt Kestila

Curt has been with FantasySharks since 2011. His passion for fantasy football started in college and hasn't stopped since. Every season renews his hunger for another fantasy football season. He grew up in Minnesota and is an avid Vikings fan, but now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Good Call/Bad Call – Week 2


It was good to have football back this past weekend, and now we can finally see how teams are going to be using their players. Don’t throw your whole draft rankings out the window because of one bad game, but ...

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Good Call/Bad Call – Week 1


NFL football is back! I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s game, and that it was enough to hold you over for another few days until Sunday. Welcome back to another year of “Good Call/Bad Call.” If you’re new to the ...

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Quarterback by Committee Strategy


This is a strange year in fantasy football drafts when it comes to quarterbacks. Typically, quarterbacks are a hot commodity, but this year quarterbacks are slipping down draft boards much more than usual. The first quarterback isn’t being drafted until ...

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