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I have always been an avid football enthusiast. The NFL Draft and Fantasy Football is my passion in the realm of football. I write Mock Drafts and inform readers of what is happening during the critical stages of the NFL Draft. I spend way too much time working through Fantasy Football analysis, situations, and thoughts; it is an issue. Follow on Twitter @Dan_R_Collins for Football info and the occasional joke or wisecrack.

NFL DRAFT: Final Mock Draft

Quarterback Sam Darnold USC

I wanted to try something new this year and release my Final Mock Draft a week before the Draft starts and avoid all the rumors that come out that try and manipulate what other teams are thinking on draft night. ...

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NFL Draft: 1st Round Scenarios

RB Saquon Barkley Penn St

There is no way that Saquon Barkley drops below #7 overall to the Buccaneers who have been needing a reliable running back for the past few years. If he is not off the board by the seventh pick, he'll be packing his bags for Tampa.

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NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft 3.0

QB Josh Allen Wyoming

General manager John Dorsey will take an "in the mold" quarterback with the success he has had with the two franchises he has worked with at Green Bay and Kansas City... The quarterback that best represents the cannon-arm gunslinger format is Wyoming's Josh Allen.

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NFL DRAFT: Top-5 Wide Receivers

WR Calvin Ridley

An easy way to describe Calvin Ridley is as that he is an "electric play-maker". He was the only true threat in Alabama’s passing offense and he carried the workload to prove it. He is an explosive player off the line of scrimmage, that will beat you to get open and then excel with the ball in his hands.

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NFL DRAFT: Top-5 Running Backs

RB Saquon Barkley Penn St

Saquon Barkley is a freak athlete with explosiveness that can break for a home run at any time. His strength and power, with his compact frame, could make him one of the best backs in the NFL very early in his career.

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NFL DRAFT: Top-5 Quarterbacks

Quarterback Sam Darnold USC

Like Sam Bradford when he was coming out, the ceiling is high for USC Quarterback Sam Darnold. Bradford has shown flashes of being a franchise quarterback, but he just can’t stay healthy. Will Browns fans be buying Darnold jerseys in droves?

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2018 DRAFT: Mock Draft 2.0

QB Sam Darnold USC

We are past the combine, past the beginning of free agency, and into the hype and excitement of the NFL Draft! We already have had numerous trades involving players that will influence Draft decisions. In particular, a big trade with ...

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MOCK DRAFT 1.0: Dan Collins


We are officially past the 2017-2018 season as the Eagles finished the year with a Super Bowl victory. It’s time to start looking ahead to the 2018-2019 season as we are officially in NFL Draft mode! With the Senior Bowl ...

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NFL DRAFT 2018: Quarterback Needs

QB Baker Mayfield OU

John Dorsey was an excellent pick for the Browns as their new general manager. The Browns will be examining the 2018 NFL Draft as a course to find their starting quarterback in 2018. I don’t think Cleveland will be too excited to see DeShone Kizer as a starter again.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 16


Lamar Miller has been invisible the last two weeks in the Houston offense. Rushing for 85 total yards the last two games is not what you would expect out of a top-tier running back. To make matters worse, they play a Pittsburgh team next week looking for a win after a tough loss.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 15

QB Josh McCown NYJ

Josh McCown’s broken hand injury has killed Anderson’s production for the rest of the season. If you think Bryce Petty, or god forbid Christian Hackenberg, can duplicate McCown’s connection with Anderson, you will be disappointed.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 14


It has been two straight weeks that we have seen Jordan Howard be bottled up and not get any solid production. Defenses are enforcing the “Rookie QB” rule and forcing Trubisky to beat them through the air and it has been effective.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 13


Prescott has had two awful outings in a row. Can he be trusted while you enter Fantasy Playoffs soon? We will find out when he plays the Redskins this week. If he struggles yet again, the answer will likely be, "maybe not."

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 12


Can you stop this duo? Mark Ingram looks like the Heisman winner he was at Alabama just pounding and wearing out teams between the tackles. Kamara is the Sproles factor they have missed since he left, just maybe an upgrade over Sproles.

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NFL DRAFT STOCK WATCH: Midseason 2018 Mock Draft

QB Lamaar Jackson Louisville

Lamar Jackson will be a game-breaker at quarterback with his athletic ability. There is a legitimate concern about his frame size and if it can hold up in the NFL. Expect the Browns to try and take a different approach to building their team around the quarterback position.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 11

QB Case Keenum MIN

The Vikings have a fascinating situation on their hands. Keenum is playing good football and running Pat Shurmur’s offense well. Teddy Bridgewater is officially active and ready to go, but may not see the field if Keenum is still rocking it.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 10


The Jets identified themselves as a running team on Thursday night with the dual headed monster of Forte and Powell. Forte had two touchdowns and could see similar pay dirt next week against the weak Tampa Bay defense.

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In 2018, Cincinnati is looking to retool and trades Andy Dalton to Washington for picks. Coach Jay Gruden gets a quarterback who knows his system so the team can continue to compete in the NFC East.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 9


The Jets have a passing game worth taking note of and Anderson is the deep threat in their attack. If you need a flex player to have on your roster that has big play upside, Robby Anderson may be your guy.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 8


The offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts will be the reason that Andrew Luck will not play this season. Are you going to put him behind an offensive line that gave up 10 sacks in a game?! Teams around the league have to be foaming at the mouth to face the offensive line of the Colts.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 6


Now Eli Manning only has Sterling Shepard (who was hurt along with Brandon Marshall) and rookie Evan Engram as reliable receivers in the offense. Trade him if you can, or think about finding another quarterback.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 5

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers

If you have watched him play this year, he just looks off. He hasn’t passed for over 300 yards yet this season and doesn’t seem to have the ability to be consistent. Is it old age? The wear and tear of his years starting to catch up?

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 3


The offense really struggled against the Colts’ young secondary and there is concern that we are starting to see the decline of Palmer. He did however, make solid decisions throughout the game but had just one touchdown thanks to J.J. Nelson beating a young secondary. He can't be trusted as a decent QB2 option any longer.

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QB Sam Darnold USC

As of right now in my evaluation, Sam Darnold is the best quarterback prospect in this year’s class. The positives are solid pocket presence, above average arm strength, and ability to read coverage and pre-snap situations. He shows very good touch in tight coverage and placing the ball where only his receiver can get to it.

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QB Lamar Jackson Louisville

I have come to the conclusion after Week 2 of the College Football season that Lamar Jackson will likely be the first quarterback taken in the 2018 draft. He reminds so much of Michael Vick and his ability to run and throw to create an incredibly dynamic player. Lamar Jackson’s passing ability has improved this season, most noticeably in his passing accuracy.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 2


Week 1 is in the books and we see saw some everything from low scoring games, disappointing performances, and some surprise players to keep an eye on moving forward. I gave you the heads up last week on Kareem Hunt ...

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QB Sam Darnold USC

We dive into the previous week of the College Football season to give you some names of players making the heads of NFL scouts turn. This is for the NFL Draft enthusiasts along with the Dynasty team builders who are ...

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 1

RB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome to another season of “5 Up/5 Down” with your host, Dan Collins. An entertaining process of training camp battles, preseason games, injuries and roster cuts have led to Week 1 of the NFL season. The time has finally come ...

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NFL DRAFT: NFC Report Card


I have conquered the AFC and handed out draft grades, now it is time for the NFC. Who will get “Dan Collins Stamp of Approval” as best draft class, and who will get the “Matt Millen Stamp of Disapproval” for ...

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NFL DRAFT: AFC Report Card


The Steelers crushed the draft this year and got quality prospects at almost every selection in the draft. First of all, T.J. Watt is the poster child for Steeler toughness and edge rusher presence. He and Bud Dupree will be a 1-2 punch for a quite some time in Pittsburgh. JuJu Smith-Schuster is the possession receiver the Steelers needed to go with explosive Antonio Brown...

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NFL DRAFT: The Alabama Conundrum


Yesterday we saw 3 Alabama players fall down the draft board from where they were expected to be drafted.   There is a trend that I am noticing as we continue to evaluate players from Alabama and how NFL scouting departments ...

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