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Fantasy Sharks launched in 2003, disseminating fantasy football content on the web for free. It is (or has been) home to some of the most talented and respected writers and content creators in fantasy football.

TEST2004 Doug’s Dynasty Den

Welcome, my fantasy brethren! May your path be wide and your running backs have strong knees. The dynasty den is back, better than ever, with enough analysis to fill your weeks 1, 2, and 3, and even some leftovers for week 4. But we all know that things don't really start cookin' until week 5. So without further ado, let's get right to the dynasty rankings...

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$100,000 Fantasy Football Frenzy

Don't let all your hard work and research be wasted on a free league where there is nothing at stake. There is no fun in winning the free league and a keychain or t-shirt. Just like the World Series of Poker, anyone can win with the right skills. This is your opportunity to compete with some of the best fantasy football managers in the nation...

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Is Tom Brady Next?

Will Tom Brady be the next NFL player to suffer from the Madden Curse? If history is any indication, stay away from drafting Tom Brady. He will be the fifth pro player to appear on the Madden cover, and the four before him fell victim to the curse

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Thank You, Mr. Tillman

I never figured that my first article for the Sharks would be this one. Actually, I kind of figured it would be something on the merits of IDP’s or the attributes of our Hafax team. Certainly not a story of Pat Tillman’s ultimate sacrifice which has been in the news the last few days.   The football world and the entire country mourn his passing. We lost a good man.

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Just Thinking Out Loud XXIII

It's been a while, and I've got a lot of thoughts floating around in my little cranium.  Some older than about Eli Manning being the only person on the planet not knowing about the pending trade to the Giants, couldn't he at least pretend he was happy to be selected number one overall? 

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Terrell Owens back in the Bay? April Fools!

Apparently Corey Dillion is going to have to wait for a bay area move. The man who cried his way out of San Francisco may be suiting up in the bay area once again. The rumor mill went into overdrive early this morning when news of what could be one of the strangest 3-team trades in NFL history.

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Just Thinking Out Loud XXII

I'm not exactly sure what the big deal was over the halftime show expose. We're seeing sexual enhancing commercials every 10 minutes, a commercial where a horse beefs in a woman's face, and yet seeing a nip is suddenly offensive?

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