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Chase Crampton

If you've ever wondered just who writes the news that scrolls by on the ticker at the bottom of your television screen, it's Chase, who currently works for one of the major sporting networks as a ticker writer and also writes here at Fantasy Sharks.


Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers

While Ben Roethlisberger is a great quarterback to have, his “almost retirement” throws some red flags up for investing in a dynasty quarterback. The point of a dynasty is to have players with longevity. If you can move Roethlisberger to get a younger quarterback with more upside, I suggest that you do.

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HANDCUFFS: Running Back

RB Kareem Hunt Kansas City Chiefs

Kareem Hunt is an interesting case because of how well Spencer Ware did last season and the confidence that the Chiefs front office has in him by releasing Charles and claiming Ware as their guy. What makes the Hunt Handcuff scenario interesting is that Kansas City traded UP in the draft to grab Hunt, meaning they have big plans for the Toledo RB.

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Watt is coming back from multiple surgeries and has been regarded as the top IDP or top DL in leagues for the past 2-3 years. This just cannot stand. Khalil Mack and Alec Ogletree both have a giant chance to outscore him hands down and Khalil Mack is being classified as a DE as of now. While I am sure the Watt can still produce good numbers for you, I implore everyone to not pay the king's ransom that he has been going for in the past and use your resources more wisely.

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ROOKIE CLASS: Round 1 Fantasy Outlook

RB Leonard Fournette Jacsonville Jaguars

He is probably going to be the 1st rookie off the board in all formats. With all the pieces the Jaguars have added this year, LSU product Leonard Fournette should finish as an RB1 in fantasy somewhere in the Top 15 across all league formats. With the Jaguars seemingly dedicated to the run this year, it will be Fournette that will get those reps..

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NFL DRAFT: 2-Round Mock Draft


As I sit in the airport on my way to the NFL Draft in Philadelphia, I wrote my 2017 Mock Draft (with enough time to do 2 full rounds, thanks Frontier Airlines!) and I include some highly anticipated trades. With ...

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FREE AGENCY: Winners & Losers


Every year, players jump ship from one team to another in hopes of better opportunities, money and positions. Some work out and some don’t. Every year I like to take a good look at some of the players and teams who I think dug up gold and some who dug a grave.

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