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Gary Davenport

A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Columbus, Ohio, Gary has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications. These publications include the USA Today Fantasy Football Preview and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is a both a contributing author and associate editor. Gary is an nine-time FSWA Award finalist and three-time winner who has been a finalist for that organization's Fantasy Football Writer of the Year award each of the last four years. He won the honor in 2017 and 2019. Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio (including live from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX) and over-the-air stations across the country. Gary was one of the co-founders of, and Head Writer at, Fantasy Football Oasis before joining Fantasy Sharks as an IDP Senior Staff Writer in 2011. He knows football. Or so he's heard.

IDP Waiver Wire – Week 10


The waiver wire giveth, and the waiver wire taketh away. Since taking the field for the Philadelphia Eagles back in Week 2, rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks has been nothing short of a revelation. In fact, since entering the starting lineup ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 9


Well, crud. It’s been a wildly up-and-down season for Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake. The 33-year-old opened the season colder than cold, managing all of one assist over the first four games of the season. Then Wake woke up ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 8


It happens every year in IDP leagues. Every season, there are defensive stars who get off to sluggish starts. These defensive stars are then cut loose by panicky fantasy owners, especially once the bye week crunch hits. And as often ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 7


It’s just about that time of year. The time of year when the line between prudence and panic becomes blurred. Granted, no one wants to be Chicken Little. October is much too early to be throwing in the towel on ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 6


Five weeks into the 2015 season, some trends have emerged in IDP leagues. Along the defensive front, the name of the game has been disappointment. Defensive end Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills has 10 tackles and two sacks. Ends ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 5


OK, so now you can start freaking out. We’re four weeks into the season, and what was a fluke after one game, a coincidence after two and a trend after three is now something else altogether. It’s trouble. Miami Dolphins ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 4


We’re three weeks into the 2015 NFL season, and that means a couple of things. First, injuries are starting to mount. In Sunday’s win over the New Orleans Saints alone, the Carolina Panthers lost both defensive end Charles Johnson and ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 3


It was inevitable. During Sunday’s win by the Dallas Cowboys over the Philadelphia Eagles, a big-name linebacker went down. The stunner was that it wasn’t Sean Lee. That isn’t to say there wasn’t a major injury, however. In fact, the ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 2


Yips (noun): Nervousness or tension that causes one to fail to perform effectively. The yips are a condition that usually affects golfers—a hitch in their swing that causes them to send the ball sailing into the trees. However, the yips ...

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IDP Waiver Wire – Week 1


It’s go time, folks! On Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots will kick off the 2015 NFL season, and with it another year of fantasy football. Teams have been drafted. Even as we speak, lineups are being ...

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