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B.O.A. – Bust on Arrival

Week 1 was filled with disappointing performances, including a surprising number of first round picks like
Marshawn Lynch

Calvin Johnson

CJ Spiller

. It would be foolhardy to call any of these studs busts, especially after Week 1. These guys have proven their worth over a large sample of games and deserve second, third and many more chances. Owners have to exercise patience and not hit the panic button, even if they’re staring at 0-1.

On the other hand, there were some players in Week 1, who I think it’s fair to call B.O.A., Bust on Arrival. These players are immediate busts based on where they were drafted and what owners’ expectations were of them. While some of these players may turn things around by midseason, if they were drafted as starters, it’ll probably be too little, too late for owners.

Giovani Bernard

We talked about it a
couple of weeks ago

how Bernard was still somehow being drafted as a RB2 but he wasn’t even the starter for the Bengals. Last Sunday Bernard’s owners were deeply dismayed to see Giovani only get four carries for 22 yards and one measly eight-yard catch. No goal line work either. He’s a total bust and a massive liability in any owner’s lineup. This was never about Bernard. It was only about the fact that he’s not the starter, for better or worse the Law Firm,
BenJarvus Green Ellis

, still is the top dog. Until Bernard gets a ton more touches and takes over the starting job, he’s not worth starting and he’s certainly not going to perform like a RB2.

Danny Woodhead

When the Chargers released their
depth chart

a couple weeks ago, they had
Ronnie Brown

as the second running back behind
Ryan Mathews

, not
Danny Woodhead

. Despite the fact that Woodhead was listed 3rd on the depth chart, analysts still said that Woodhead would be the 3rd down back and be there when the Chargers were playing from behind or during the two-minute drill. After watching his two catch, 16 receiving yards performance Monday night, he’s not worthy of starting in a deep PPR league or just about any league. The Chargers weren’t kidding, Woodhead really is the 3rd running back on the depth chart. In fact,
Ronnie Brown

got the most snaps of any of the Chargers running backs at 25, compared to Woodhead’s 10. If Woodhead lays another egg next Sunday, feel free to drop him in all formats. He was a popular deep sleeper over the summer, with

of him being the new
Darren Sproles

in the Chargers’ offense, but now he’s just B.O.A.

Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory

was a popular sleeper this summer because of a couple solid performances he had as a Saint when he wasn’t injured, way back when. He was put on a Jets offense that likes to run, in part because of their mediocre receiving corps and quarterback. Unfortunately, opportunity doesn’t always equal results and Ivory’s 15 rushing yards on 10 carries, a historically horrendous 1.5 yards per carry, shows that he’s got bust written all over him. Ivory isn’t even listed as the Jets’ starter at this point, that job title goes to the remarkably underwhelming
Bilal Powell

.  Even with the Jets offense slightly improving with
Geno Smith

as the quarterback, Ivory still can’t produce numbers and he looks rusty and ineffective. Ivory’s a bench player you hope has a good game so you can get something for him in a trade.

Mark Ingram

One of the big takeaways from watching my beloved Falcons fall to the Saints was that the Saints still like to run a lot. Unfortunately,
Mark Ingram

, a sleeper based on reports of a
stellar training camp

, is the 3rd man on the depth chart and can’t produce when called upon. If you think Ivory’s horrid 10 carries for 15 yards stat-line is offensive, how about Ingram’s nine rushes for 11 yards? He’s not a part of the Saints passing game, which makes him even less valuable. Contrary to reports from the summer, it’s still the same old Ingram, someone who is a better fit on your waiver wire, not your roster.

Montee Ball

I promise this is the last time I’m going to talk smack about this year’s rookie running back class. This is it. I can’t do it anymore. I feel like every article I’ve written for Fantasy Sharks this season has me talking negatively about drafting any of these rookies as starters. I’m turning over a new leaf after this one and I’m going to talk about something else. Nevertheless, I think it’s pretty clear after last Thursday night that anyone who drafted Ball as a RB2 or to play in the Sexy Flexy spot is in a lot of trouble. Ball didn’t see meaningful carries until the 4th quarter when the game had already been decided between the Broncos and Ravens. Ball finished with eight rushes for 24 yards while
Knowshon Moreno

got 25 touches to Ball’s four in the first half. Ball is the more talented runner, sure, but it doesn’t really matter since he’s still having issues with pass protection and the Broncos clearly don’t trust him yet. Ball might get more playing time as the season progresses but that’s not going to help owners now, who have to deal with a hole in their lineup they hadn’t counted on. There. I’m done. No mas on rookie running backs.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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