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Back of the Envelope: Draft Roadshow

With the NFL shamelessly milking the rookie draft for all it’s worth, now a three-day spectacle with special guest pick announcers and the new pro-hugging policy (hands above the waist, Ben), the next logical step is to take it on the road – but will it blend?

The draft is held in

New York City
because it just works. The NFL headquarters are here, the press is here, and the NYPD, over 30,000 uniformed officers strong, is big enough to assign three cops (avoid overtime wages) to every Cowboy, Bengal and undrafted swinging sore loser from

– duck, indeed! You could take it on the road, but it seems like an awful lot of people to move around …

So all told, you figure the draft is a traveling party of about 3,301 people; kinda like 32 weddings plus overhead. You can’t just have this mega-marriage anywhere, but perhaps a rotation could work, like
New York,

Las Vegas
, maybe even Los Ang – oops! – I mean San Francisco/Oakland. Basically, rotate where the major airline hubs; more professional football players in the vicinity than gang-bangers is a plus.

Or they can stay put, and the west coasters can just continue to suck it up and live on eastern time for a few more days of the year. I mean, in

alone, they’ve got deserts, wild fires, a tectonic fault line and the Kindergarten Cop Governator leading the march to the end of days for the state’s credit line. Clearly these are gluttons for punishment.

More on this and the new draft format here in the Main Tank.

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