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(Baseball) Diamonds In The Rough

honor of the World Series and in the current color commentary fashion of mixed
sports metaphors, let’s examine some players likely to be a big “hit” on your
fantasy team in Week 8:

Quarterback: Trent Edwards

returned from the bye week looking fresh as a daisy after taking a blow to the
coconut in Week 5. Other than his early
departure against Arizona, Edwards has been Mr. Consistent, throwing a
touchdown in each game. He torched the
Dolphins with four touchdowns the last time they faced off, so expect more of
the same on Sunday when they square off again.
With stud quarterbacks Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Aaron Rodgers either on
bye or injured, Edwards looks like the perfect fill-in in your fantasy batting

Equivalent: A pinch hitter who drives in
a couple of runs with a base-clearing double.

Back: Chris Johnson

Chris Run. Run Chris Run. See Chris Juke. Juke Chris Juke. For those still living under a rock and not
yet convinced of the awesomeness of this running back rookie phenomenon, when
Johnson rolls over the Colts on Monday Night Football, you’ll be jumping on the
bandwagon. If you are a CJ owner prepare
hit this one out of the park: beginning in
Week 13 the Titans go on a running-back friendly schedule, facing the Jets, Lion,
Browns, and Texans.

Equivalent: A catcher’s nightmare! He steals second base, and then third. And just when you thought he’s finished
running wild, the suicide squeeze is on, and he steals home too!

Receiver: Randy Moss

you have Santana or Randy, you know that there is a risk of a boom or bust
performance in every game when you put a Moss in your starting lineup. While Randy’s elevator-like season may have
reached the penthouse against the Broncos last week, I expect one more game of
hardy stats this week against the Rams.
Reality should settle in when the Patriots return to a more modest
looking schedule in November, so, following Sunday’s game would be a the
perfect time to move Moss to another ball club.

Equivalent: A slugger who swings for the
fences at every at bat. Against a better
team he would have multiple strikeouts, but against this rotation expect a towering
dinger or two. 

End: Jeremy Shockey

spoken (and, yeah, he’s complaining again), and he doesn’t just have a big
mouth. He also seems to have a lot of
trouble staying injury-free. Yet, when
he is healthy, he always seems to put up solid numbers. Patient owners who held on to him will reap
the benefits this week in an internationally located game against the Chargers. Without Reggie Bush, I expect Drew Brees to
start moving Shockey up in the batting order and getting him more involved in
the Saint offense.

Equivalent: The unofficial mascot of
the team who gets beaned by the pitcher and causes a bench-clearing brawl.

Defense: New York Jets

Jets haven’t been a very reliable or consistent defense this season, but a
matchup against the embarrassingly inept Kansas City Chiefs should do the
trick. As if the Chiefs weren’t bad
enough, in Week 8 they have to make do without Johnson and settle with third
string quarterback Tyler Thigpen. Don’t be
surprised if the Jets defense gets their act together and bat some runs in during
the upcoming games as well against the Bills, Rams, and Patriots.

Equivalent: Every team needs a gold
glove fielder to save the day. A big
play can bring the fans to their feet and change the momentum of the game.


out your roster with these candidates, and you should have a World Series (or,
rather, Super Bowl) worthy fantasy football team in Week 8.


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