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Baseball – Four Players You’ll Have to Pay More for Tomorrow

I enjoy a good cover of my favorite songs as much as the next guy, but there are some cover songs that just have no business ever having been made.  I had the bad luck to have been in the wrong place, playing the wrong radio station when two of these cover songs were played.

What Chicago Cubs fan doesn’t enjoy Van Halen’s ‘Jump’?  ‘Jump’ was the Cubs’ theme song during the magical/forgettable year of 1984, which just so happens to be the name of the album that ‘Jump’ was on.  But, if you’ve never heard Aztec Camera’s cover of ‘Jump’ and you feel like you need to be punished, then feel free to take a listen right here.  Aztec Camera recorded this cover back in 1985 and up until this weekend I’ve had the good fortune to have never heard it.

As far as I’m concerned, if I never heard Wham!’s ‘Careless Whisper’ again, it would be too soon.  Of course, why would I expect to hear Wham! at all while listening to a radio station that plays the likes of Green Day, Airborne Toxic Event and Beck?  Then along comes Seether with their cover of ‘Careless Whisper’.  I found this song to be so bad that I just had to listen to the entire thing.


I know it’s early, but it’s never to early to get a jump on the competition.  Below you will find four players who have gotten off to a hot start in spring training and are about to see their ADP(average draft position) start to climb.

Joey Votto is off to a 7-for-13 start icluding two home runs a stolen base in two attempts.  Votto is currently the 13th first baseman coming off the board and can be had with the 83rd pick.  A .300+ batting average, 30 homers and a conservative estimate of 10+ stolen bases should have Votto moving up cheat sheets very shortly.

Coming off of a down year Robinson Cano is currently the 78th player off the board and the eigth second baseman being selected.  After finding himself in Yankee’s manager Joe Girardi’s dog house last season, Cano went on an intensive workout regimen and it’s paying early dividends With a .556 average, 5-for-9, with a home run and four RBI.  Personally, I’d rathe have Cano over Dan Uggla and Brian Roberts, both of who are being drafted ahead of Cano.  By seasons end, Cano will look like a steal compared to the price you’ll have to pay in order to get Dustin Pedroia, who is currently the 24th player being selected.

If you’re looking for second round production out of a fourth round pick, look no further than Matt Kemp.  Kemp already has two stolen bases and a home run in just nine at-bats.  He’s coming off a season in which he hit 18 home runs and stole 35 bases.  Look for Kemp to maintain the 30+ steals while hitting 22+ home runs.  Compare those numbers to Josh Hamilton, who will hit 10-12 more home runs and steal 20+ bases less, but he’ll cost you a first round pick.

According to Mock Draft Central, Ryan Freel isn’t even being drafted in the top 366 players.  Freel doesn’t have a starting spot, but he has the ability to play both infield and outfield and should see plenty of at-bats.  Why should this matter to you?  Because, Freel has already stolen four bases in three preseason games.  If this is any indication as to how Orioles’ manager Dave Trembley plans on using Freel, he could be a great source of cheap steals.

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