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Baseball Observations for May 20, 2007

According to Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune, “

Cubs closer Kerry Wood has an interesting take on why the booing seems to be ratcheted up at Wrigley these days: Fantasy baseball leagues.

“The people who had [Soriano] on their fantasy team were probably the unhappiest,” he said of the outcry over the left fielder’s early struggles. “I think fantasy plays a lot into it. It’s kind of changed that aspect.

“During [batting practice], you hear people say, ‘You’re on my fantasy team.’ If you’re doing good, you say, ‘OK.’ If you’re doing bad, you apologize.””


That’s right, Kerry, you’re free pass is over.

  Gone are the days of unconditional love from millions (maybe I exaggerate) of Cubs’ fans.

  I can live with the fact that you made $12,000,000 in 2006, yet you made only four starts, because I didn’t draft you.

  In fact you were such an injury risk that year that you were nothing more than a late round flyer at best.

  But, this year you were quite the sleeper as a closer and due to the fact that I never draft a closer in the early rounds, I was able to get you on the ‘cheap’.

  If you weren’t drafting with Cubs’ fans, Wood could have been had in the middle-to-late rounds this year making for a nice risk/reward scenario.


Just as most athletes are only as loyal as their current contract, so too are fantasy players.

  I’m still a diehard Chicago sports fan, but as Don Corleone said in ‘The Godfather’, and I quote loosely, “I wish you luck as long as your interests don’t conflict with mine.”

  I will gladly trade a Cubs, White Sox, Bulls or Bears loss for a fantasy victory and although I would never outwardly cheer for an opposing player while in attendance at a game, you can bet I’m pulling for him on the inside should he happen to be on my fantasy team.


So, for all you Cubs’ fans who will be attending future games, do me a favor and the next time Kerry Wood blows a save, give him a long, hard ‘boooooo’ from me.



In unrelated news, the New York Daily News reported that Jason Giambi wears a gold thong when he’s trying to get out of a hitting slump.

  As if that news isn’t disturbing enough, it was also reported that his Yankees’ teammate Derek Jeter has also worn Giambi’s thong to break a slump.

  Which, given the following bit of info, really makes us question Giambi’s judgment.

  On August 10, 2007, the Boston Globe


on that Jeter had given a STD to

Jessica Alba

(notice the hyperlink).



Should you be so unfortunate as to play in a really deep baseball league and somehow you got stuck with Giambi, currently hitting .191, on your team you may want to send him you’re favorite thong, seeing as how he’s into sharing.

  If you were wondering what size he takes, my guess would be small, given his admission to using steroids.


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