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Basic Strategy: Time to Evaluate Your Fantasy Football Team

So, it’s the end of week 3. You now have enough games in the books to make a good evaluation of your fantasy football team. And in the famous words of Bill Parcells, “You are what you are.” If you’re 0-3, that should say something. On the other hand if your 2-1 that says something else. Lets break it down.

The “Looking Up At Everyone Else” Group

So you’re 0-3. Guess what? It’s time for someone to give it to you straight. Ready? You are not good! Your team stinks! What a bunch of low lifes you drafted! Sorry, I got away from myself…. Okay, who knows what happened? Maybe the draft just didn’t fall your way. Maybe it was Curtin Martin or Tony Gonzalez that was your undoing, or maybe you took too many WRs too early. But bottom line, if you’re going into week 4 winless, its not that you’ve been unlucky, you’re not scoring enough points to win. There is good news though. Some star is going down soon (see Marshal Faulk) and you’ve got the first pick in Free Agency each week! Go bottom feeding!

The “It Hasn’t Been A Total Disaster” Group

Bring out the whips and chains hun…I’ll be home soon! Well, you can at least say 1-2 isn’t a total disaster. I can guarantee you one thing; you’re probably leading the most abused category. Being 1-2 means you’ve played at least well enough to beat one team, but the scheduling gods haven’t been kind to you. Don’t give up! Keep on the pressure. It’s WAY to early to bow out. Being the most abused doesn’t have to be you all year long. Many teams have climbed out of the cellar to pick up a division win or squeak out the wild card. One year, I lost 4 out of 6 division games and rattled off out of division wins all year long. It can still happen to you. Stay patient.

The “I’m Quite Happy How Things Are Going” Group

So you’re 2-1. It’s been nice bragging to others, hasn’t it? 2-1 makes you a genius when it comes to your 10th round pick, doesn’t it! Hopefully, that one loss didn’t mean you had to drink the 6-pack of Black Label that week while your sworn enemy drank MGD. Watch out though! 2-1 is a trap. This is a HUGE week for you. Better hope you don’t have many players on the bye. Believe me, going 3-1 will feel much better than 2-2 and go a long way towards solidifying your playoff run.

The “I’m, Sitting Pretty” Group

Undefeated is just what it is, no losses, none, nada, zip, zilch, zero. I’ll even bet this is the group that taunts the least. No reason to flaunt it when you’re undefeated. Keep in mind; it’s a long way to the playoffs. One key injury and you will see your team falling faster than a quail in South Dakota during hunting season. If you’re still looking good in another week or so, it’ll be time to solidify your backups. Grabbing Mike Anderson or some other backup to a key position could pay dividends. Someone WILL get hurt on your team this year. You now have the luxury of giving up a few spots for long-term backups. Do it now so you are keeping ahead of the curve.

Whatever your position, either first or last, you certainly will not finish in that spot. Three weeks does not make a season. In Fantasy Football you have to play out the entire year. There’s no throwing in the towel. Make some bets with your opponent to keep it interesting (throw in some point spreads to boot). If you’re not going to the playoffs play the spoiler role; knock out the team on the bubble! If you’re undefeated – play to stay that way. Keep in mind though, there’s still a long way to go. Good luck!

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