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Beginners Article – Welcome to the Obsession of a lifetime

“Welcome to the world of fantasy football.” If you’re like me, those words were the beginning of an obsession that has cost me three wives, two houses, and one dog. Just kidding, but sometimes I think my wife wishes she would have married someone else. I know for a fact she hates my computer. I have become so rapped up in this world that I can spend hours upon hours researching, reading, writing, and prognosticating. All as my wife walks by me shaking her head and rolling her eyes in disgust. I just smile and say, “Hey, I could be out at the bar drinking beer and chasing women like the rest of my friends.” In truth, she has learned to just live with this obsession as one of the things I just love to do. And I have no doubt you will love it too.

I always loved playing football growing up, and loved watching Pro Football all my life. My obsession began around seven years ago when I started seeing advertisements on fantasy football on different web sites. Naturally, being the curious fellow I am, I did a little research and was immediately hooked. I really had no idea how it worked at first. So I ferociously perused as many fantasy football websites, forums, magazines as was humanly possible. Soon I had enough information to think about starting up a local league. I was surprised to find out that many of my friends also had been thinking the same thing and couldn’t wait to get started. Soon we had twelve over weight middle age guys, well not all of us, ready to get serious. I can remember that awesome feeling of getting ready for our first live draft, and spending the afternoon with my neighbor, who was in the league, making a real draft board. We had a great time talking about all the different strategies, and owners in our league. It gets my blood pumping now just thinking about it. That was it for me, I was hooked.

I’m even more hooked now, seven years later. With the growth and popularity of Pro Football, NFL Network, Fantasy Football Web Sites our hobby/obsession has grown tremendously. Computers and the Internet have made our obsession much more accessible now than ever before. More people are playing now than ever before. Here is a prime example, on the Fantasy Sharks website alone, in the last year, over ten thousand new people have registered on the site. Fantasy Football is mainstream now. It went from being the hobby of some die‑hard fans, with a friend who was a mathematician, to a multi‑million dollar industry that everyone plays. It lasts all year long now. We are not just interested during the pre‑season and regular season, like in the past. But the post‑season, and off‑season have become just as important. With all this growth has come a deluge of information on the subject. Some information is good, and some is not so good. With the help of Fantasy Sharks, I hope to lead you in the right direction and continue giving out the same good information that they have always given out in the past. Hopefully it will make the hobby/obsession of Fantasy Football more enjoyable for everyone, beginners to veterans, for years to come.

One final thought. Since getting hooked, there is still no feeling equal to the one I get on opening night of the NFL regular season. The anticipation of kickoff, watching that first majestic bomb, or electrifying run. All the while hoping it’s one of your players and not one of your opponents.

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