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Blokbustabrandon, aka BBB Interview

Congrats Blokbustabrandon, aka BBB, on becoming a Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Message Boards!!

So tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are? What keeps you busy outside of fantasy football?
I’m a 20 year old college student, 21 in October Drink on for me, from the wonderful city of Tampa. I live with my girlfriend of two years and our 4 cats, well 5 cats if you count the ghost of our recently passed away kitten, Deuce McCATlister. Sad Im a manager at Petsmart, so that occupies most of my time outside of fantasy football, that and I play a ridiculously large amount of Madden… Very Happy

I have always been curious about your user name. Do you like to pull off some big trades? If so give some examples.
I got this nickname my sophomore year in college. Ever since I purchased my first DVD player, I have had a bit of a spending problem when it comes to buying DVDs. Currently I have between 250-300 DVDs in my collection. When you have an abundance of DVDs, people tend to want to borrow them all the time. One of my roommates at the time, once said, “why do i need to go to blockbuster when i can just borrow from blockbuster brandon.” I liked the sound of it, so i changed the spelling around and there ya go, blokbustabrandon. I do make some good deals from time to time though. Last year in my money league, K.Faulk and Lelie for Heap…that really put a nice finishing touch on my championship team. Very Happy

We all have noticed your new avatar. Have you been hanging out with Ricky too much? Only kidding Pat!! Why all the love for Pat and none for Tony or myself?
That was just a feeble attempt to squeeze my way into a showcase league. Laughing I’m gonna stick with the old school Buffy B for a while until I find a new one I like. I may just go back to my Agent Sands (Johnny Depp in Once Upon a Time in Mexico) avatar.

How long have you been participating in fantasy football?
I’ve been playing fantasy sports for a good nine years. I played mostly fantasy baseball, when I was younger though. I would dabble in fantasy football a bit back then, but i didnt really become addicted to it ’til a couple of years ago.

What was your best and worst pick last year?
My best pick was Priest at 1.06, alot of people in my league were too worried about his injury and I managed to snatch him up, I also got Santana in the 8th that one ranks high up there too.

My worst pick was the Jaguars D/ST…this pick gave me my only loss of the season. My money league is heavy on D/ST scoring, and in Week 2 they scored -7 and I lose my game by 7, I think every other NFL Team that week scored at least 0 points, so I could have started any other team and gotten at least a tie if not a win.

Now let’s move on to the upcoming season. How many leagues are you going to be in this year? Tell us a little bit about those leagues and your team names.
Right now, Im in at least 5 competitive leagues that number may grow it may not. Im in my annually money league that I do with a couple friends i used to work with, in which I am the defending champion. I also had someone start one at Petsmart, mainly so I can take all their money. Laughing Im in the Fantasysharks Pacific Hammerhead Shark League, which should be a whole lot of fun. Im in Non Uber/Guber League, which is odd since Im commish of the wonderful Guberleague.

I have heard great things about the Guber League. Tell us a little about this league and what makes it so special. Are you going to win the league?
Of course, Im gonna win! Laughing Guberleague is a league formed late last season by members of the tank. It consist of all whale sharks, and should be a very competitive league. Members include: Longhorns76, steeldan79, gballs1, Oilersnut, Ballitup13, johnnyballgame, stormtrooper, broncogeek, clayn8, action, the wonderful cbsux, and me!

I have noticed that you have done plenty of mock drafts already. Do you think they will help you this year?
In the past, I used to do alot of yahoo drafts to prepare my self for higher quality leagues, but as you all know people in yahoo drafts dont know what they are doing most of the time. The mocks help me see where most players should be going in the draft so I know when it would be best for me to start looking at certain players. They also help me get back in to football drafting mode.

Any advice for beginners you can share to help them crush their league this year?
Grab as many solid starting RBs as you can…If you’re sitting on 4 starting RBs, come mid season someone is gonna need one of them and you’ll be able to trade one of them away for whatever you’ll need to complete your team.

So lets move on to some NFL questions. Being from Tampa, are the Bucs your favorite team? How well do you think they will do this year? Will Garner be a nice sleeper this year or a bust?
You bet the Bucs are my favorite team! I’m hoping they do well this season. They made alot of moves I liked, and I hope they all pay out. The move I liked the most was Garner. I think if he stays healthy we can see numbers close to what he put up two years ago.

Who is your favorite NFL Player past and present?
Past…being a lefty myself I have go with Steve Young.
Present…I’d have to go with Chad Pennington and Derrick Brooks.

Now for some questions about FantasySharks.com. When/how did you first find this site?
I think I clicked a banner on some other site sometime last year, and Ive been here ever since.

And now how often do you logon to FantasySharks.com?
I log on more times then I should. Laughing

Do you have a favorite FantasySharks feature or article?
I really enjoyed reading The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin last season. Everything else is good too, but that one really stood out in my mind. Maybe its cause of the word virgin, i dunno.

Now let’s talk about the message boards. They sure have been busy lately. Who are some of the Sharks that you’d like to give props to?
All the Gubers are great, As well as all those crazy Ubers! Laughing

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards. Good luck to you in all your leagues this year except for the Guber and non Uber/Guber leagues!!!
I dont need luck in those two leagues, but you will! Laughing

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