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Blood in the Water: Targeting Julio Jones & Roddy White

I have to be honest with you, this is one of the toughest fantasy football articles I’ve had to write.  I’ve been a Falcons fan my whole life and to see them lose to the Jets on national television must rank as one of the biggest lowlights of the year.  Add to that stew of horrendousness the fact that
Roddy White

got injured again, this time his hamstring, after looking pretty good in the first half, makes things even worse.

Unfortunately, the Falcons saved the worst for last.  Then, on what some historians are now calling Black Tuesday, word came out that
Julio Jones

may have fractured his foot and will be
out for the rest of the season

.  An epic

of atrocious news.  It doesn’t get much worse than this, my friends.

From a fantasy football perspective though, one gamer’s tragedy is another gamer’s potential triumph.  There are many attributes one must have to be a good fantasy owner but being a good person is not one of them.  There’s
blood in the water

, my friends.  There are
Julio Jones

owners out there right now, whose hearts are broken and are
standing on a ledge

, contemplating their next move.

Now is the time to put your GM hat on, the one you’ve been neglecting for the last couple weeks.  It may have some dust on it but just shake that off and you should be ready.  I’ve put together a handy guide on how to approach trade talks with Julio and Roddy owners.

Everybody Needs Something

Nobody has a perfect team, you can always improve somewhere.  Running backs are still the premium item in any league transaction but maybe a Julio owner has a better tight end than you.  Maybe there’s a Roddy owner that has a solid Flex RB sitting on his bench.  Whatever the situation is, whatever kind of league you play in, it’s time to take a hard look at the rosters of all Julio and Roddy owners.

B)  Your First Offer should be questionable but it can’t be offensive

I know your tempted to offer
Tavon Austin

Chris Ogbonnaya

Jamaal Charles

to a Julio owner but it’s really a bad call because it’s going to instantly turn off your trading partner.  Every league I play in has an owner, who is notorious for offering the worst trades.  This is a reputation you don’t want to have because it hurts your trade credibility in the long run.  Maybe you’ll finally have a decent trade to offer down the road, but good luck finding an owner who will want to deal with someone whose known for insulting other owners’ intelligence. 

Instead of being
that guy, take an honest look at your roster.  First figure out what’s the best trade you can offer and then figure out what’s the worst trade you can put out there.  Somewhere in the middle is where your first trade offer should be.  Remember, Julio and Roddy owners are well aware that their bleeding and that their blood is in the water and other owners are circling.  You want to set yourself apart from the other owners and give a trade that the Julio owner might not accept but will at least be intrigued enough to offer a counter and continue the conversation.

Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Fold ’em

The goal of all this is to take advantage of the intense misery and deep depression that Julio and Roddy owners are experiencing.  There are numerous things which can derail a solid trade with Julio/Roddy owners.  Maybe their owners were deep at receivers and have a decent-enough replacement.  Maybe they don’t have anyone on their roster that would upgrade one of the positions on your team.  So many times I see owners, whose teams are usually in the basement, make a trade just for the sake of making a trade.  If the trade’s not there for you, don’t push it.  Most of us play in multiple leagues and odds are you’re going to find a Julio/Roddy owner somewhere that has something you need.

D)  Targeting
Roddy White

We’ve talked about targeting Julio/Roddy owners with respectful but suspect trades but what we haven’t talked about yet is targeting
Roddy White

as the ultimate buy low option.  All of the elements are in place for the perfect storm of massive buy low value for White.  This week is his bye week and reports came out today that he’s only a

chance to start in Week 7 due to his aforementioned hamstring injury, which, of course, is already on top of the high ankle sprain he’s been dealing with all season long. 

Roddy’s become so injury-prone in his age 31-season that it’s a legitimate question if he’s worth the risk.  When healthy, he’s a WR1 in PPR leagues and a low end WR1 in standard ones.  With Julio out of the picture, Roddy will resume being the No. 1 receiver for the Falcons and he still has a pretty good quarterback in
Matt Ryan

throwing passes to him. 

White’s schedule the rest of the way has some tasty matchups including the Saints and the Bills, and his fantasy football playoffs (Week 14-15 games) against the Packers and Redskins are excellent.  If you can get him for the right price, owners may want to seriously consider making a run for him. 

There is a big risk factor here though.  I have
Vincent Brown

on one team and haven’t been able to pull the trigger in offering the Roddy owner in that league a trade yet.  I’m positive that when healthy, I’d much rather start Roddy between the two of them but with the way Brown’s been playing the last two weeks, 14 catches for 158 yards, do I really want to take the chance that I’m giving away an emerging WR3 for a player that still hasn’t had a good game all season long?

These are the kinds of questions that owners are going to have to reconcile with their own situations.  If you’re loaded at receiver though and you can afford to give one away, you should seriously consider targeting Roddy owners because the reward would definitely be worth it, especially in the fantasy playoffs.

Good Hunting!

Edward Bonfanti

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