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Bonuses, Juices, and Money Lines

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Today, I’d like to answer some questions from the readers mailbag.



A lot of readers are wondering about bonuses.  Here is a typical scenario.  You sold some baseball cards, and you want to put $500 in an offshore account.  You decide sending cash by Western Union is the best way.  So, you Western Union $500 to, on-line wagering partner.  Once has your $500, you check your account and you have $550 in your account.  That’s $50 FREE money for you to bet with because of a typical deposit.  Now onto the bonus “catch”.  Most sportbooks have a rule you have to bet X times the initial deposit. For example, at you would have to bet THREE times your initial deposit ($1500, or think of it as 75 $20/bets for you to withdraw your bonus money.  No big deal IMO, as I put money in at the start of the season, occasionally reload if there is a bad, bad week, and take out the money at the end of the season.  Some sport books offer higher bonuses, some up to 50%.  Makes me wonder if you ever get your money back with a sportsbook like that.  How would it feel to turn your $500 into $10,000 and have the sportsbook decide not to pay you.  Rule #1, make SURE you use a reliable sportsbook!!!  With our wagering partner, we’ve done the research for you.


5% Juice

Some people asked about 5% juice Fridays.  5% Juice means that the sportsbook is encouraging you to bet on games at that times, rather than wait until Sunday.  Yep, it’s that simple.  Normally, you need to front a $10 “cost” to make an on-line bet.  So, you bet $110 to win $100.  On a 5% day, it’s only $105 to win $100.  It may not sound like much to you, but let’s say you make 10 plays a week at $55 to win $50.  If you split your games, you would lose the ‘juice’ (That 10%), on 5 games.  So, you would lose $5. (The equivalent of 1 bet, just for breaking even).  At 5% Juice, that is cut in half, so you would only lose $25.  Not bad at all for having some action.  There really is no catch to this promotion.  Only that you have to make your mind up which team you want to bet on, on Friday, instead of Sunday.  Probably not a good idea if you’re waiting to hear if that teams star Running Back will play or not on Sunday.  But most of the time its just a matter of you thinking about the games a little earlier than 1st thing Sunday morning.  If you like underdogs, occasionally, you can nab an extra ½ point by waiting until game time, because usually, the public likes favorites, and the line might move.  On the flip side, this is an additional bonus if you like to bet favorites, and the line may go against you if you wait anyways.


Money Line

A Money Line gets turned off when the game is very closely bet, or very lopsided.  Often, a team might be a 1 to 2 point favorite.  Most people playing the underdog would expect the dog to win outright if they were to cover (there aren’t too many ties in the NFL these days).  So, if you like the dog, why bet the dog at +2 $110 to win $100 (remember the juice?), when you could just bet the underdog at +$105 or $110.  That’s a big swing of juice for the sportbooks.  It doesn’t really mean that the underdog is more likely to win, it means the sportsbook doesn’t want to have a bunch of people betting team A at –1 110/100 and a bunch of people betting team B at pick +110. Unless there is a tie, the sportsbook would make no money on that game.


Also, when there is a large line, for example the Cardinals/Bucs game, where the Bucs are –14.5  (that’s a lot of points!!!) ,what chance do the Cardinals have of going into Raymond James Stadium and beating the Bucs.  A money line on this type of game might be -$1400.  That means bet $1400 to win $100.  Unfortunately, some high rollers do bet the favorite here, even with minimal return on investment.  BUT, a sure thing is a sure thing, so a ‘FREE’ $100 is still nice.  Note, I think the Cardinals have no shot, and would probably bet $1400 myself on the Bucs.  Although I’d like to see one game from each team before I place ay large bets.


Other nice promotions include teaser ties win, etc.  We’ll get into those later.  For now, put some money in your favorite sportsbook (don’t forget to use our link above), get ready to roll with Vinnie for the year, and double your bankroll!   (I know it sounds greedy, but I want to do even better than doubling my bankroll.  I got spoiled by the year I turned $250 into $10,000  I’ll save that story for another day…


That’s it for now, another article coming soon, Vinnie’s preparing a nice list of FREE contests. 





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