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Boom or Bust – 2007

Boom or Bust – 2007

Footballking21 Edition

Every year, there are players who have a breakout season who seem to fly under the radar come draft time. Then there are players who go way too high and don’t live up to expectations. They are give the title of bust. I will list the players who I think will fall into these categories for the 2007 season. 



Jay Cutler, QB Denver Broncos:

In his 2nd year in the offense, Cutler should feel more comfortable with several weapons at WR in Javon Walker, Brandon Marshall (remember that name), Brandon Stokely, and the aging, but always reliable Rod Smith. Newly acquired RB Travis Henry will also help the youngster. Look for Cutler to fall in your draft and nab him as a solid backup QB who could emerge to be more than that throughout the season.

Tony Romo, QB Dallas Cowboys:

Another young QB who will have his first full season this upcoming fall with tons of weapons as well. With two decent RBs, a couple of solid WR options, and a dependable TE, Romo should thrive with the Cowboys, who have high expectations this season.

Other candidates:

Phillip Rivers – Best weapon in the league in LDT, reliable & solid TE, & improving every year

Matt Leinart – Improved team from last year with two great WR’s, decent RB, & better O-Line.


Joseph Addai, RB

Indianapolis Colts:

Solo back now in the #1 offense in the league. Addai came on strong at the end of the season last year in the Colts run to the Superbowl. The job is his and he should see plenty of touches- on the ground and in the air. Keep moving him up on your draft boards as he could be in the Top 5 come draft time- if he is not already.

DeAngelo Williams, RB

Carolina Panthers:

I’ve stated my strong feelings about D-Will throughout the offseason and should come of no surprise to see his name here. With the non-reliable and injury-prone Foster ahead of him for now, there shouldn’t be much time until DeAngelo takes over in

Carolina. The pressure is on in

Carolina with the QB on the hot seat as well, so if Foster cannot get it done early, look for DeAngelo to take his spot.

Other candidates:


Norwood – He will thrive when he surpasses Dunn early in the season as long as #7 is under center.

Brandon Jacobs – Will emerge as a solid RB2 with no competition.


Brandon Marshall, WR Denver Broncos:

A young wideout with a lot of upside. Cutler developed chemistry with

Marshall towards the end of the season last year. Rod Smith is aging so

Marshall has a good shot to grow into the 2nd WR on the Bronco depth chart. With most of the attention on


Marshall should reap the benefits.

Santonio Holmes, WR Pittsburgh Steelers:

Holmes is another WR who began to gel with his QB at the end of the ’06 season. He began to become more familiar with Big Ben in the last four games of the season. With a healthy QB, solid running game, and an attractive #1 WR in Hines Ward, Holmes should see plenty of looks and have a big season in an offense that should pass more in 2007.

Other candidates:

DJ Hackett – Darrell Jackson is gone, so he is in line for a starting job.

Reggie Brown – Expecting a big year in Philly with a healthy McNabb as the #1 WR.

Jerricho Cotchery – Look for him to get many open looks and with that speed burst, he could emerge as a reliable WR3 for your team.



Matt Hasselbeck, QB Seattle Seahawks:

There are not many clear “bust” options at QB this year and I’m not calling Hassy a complete bust for 2007. I am saying he will not be as good as people are expecting him to be. He is considered to be one of the top QB’s for 2007, but I have my doubts about him. His success relies heavily on Shaun Alexander, who I am not a fan of. Since I feel Alexander will not have a good year, I think Hassy will fall with him. Hasselbeck also lost his #1 WR in Darrell Jackson and did not gain much in the offseason. The offensive line is not what it was the past few years either. Don’t get me wrong, Hasselbeck will be a decent value pick at QB this season, but think twice before you draft him too early.


Cedric Benson, RB

Chicago Bears:

What has this guy shown that he can be the full-time starter in

Chicago? The answer is the same amount of Bears fans that have faith in Rex Grossman. Zero. Do not waste a second round pick on Benson. Let someone else deal with him and the Bears shaky offense. This injury-prone back has too many question marks surrounding him to be a solid RB2 for your team. Look for Adrian Peterson & rookie Garrett Wolfe to spell him at times.

Other candidates:

Shaun Alexander – Getting older, injury problems, offensive line not what it was in a better division than years past.


Darrell Jackson, WR

San Francisco 49ers:

I don’t like the move to

San Francisco. The loss of Norv Turner also hurts his chances of a productive season in the Bay area. His drops won’t help Alex Smith and the offense.

Randy Moss, WR New

England Patriots:

I’m not on the Randy Moss bandwagon and haven’t been in the last few years. Tom Brady will not change his ways and will continue to spread the ball around. Randy has not put up the big numbers that he did in years past and won’t this year. Expectations are high, and he will not meet them. Don’t be tempted. Look elsewhere.

Other candidates:

Donte Stallworth – Yet another WR for Brady. Brady will have a big season, but the receivers will all split the production…And this one can’t play a full season. Don’t overpay for the Patriot wide-outs.

Chris Chambers – Did not live up to the hype last year and has no other help at WR. Opponents can double him, if necessary, and he will struggle.

That’s all for the Boom or Bust edition for now. Thanks for taking the time to read! PM me with any comments or questions.


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