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Bored On Draft Day? Consider Ultimate Draft

Ultimate Draft – Seasonal Version

Bored with the same old mundane serpentine draft? Tired of trying to plan for your draft not knowing if you are going to pick No. 1, No. 7 or No. 12? Did you have your heart set on watching Chris Johnson dashing through an opposing defense for 200+ yards or watching Andre Johnson hauling in 10 passes for 180 yards and two touchdowns? Is your heart racing with anticipation on draft day, only to find that your dreams are dashed after drawing draft position No. 11?

Maybe you’ve tried or thought about trying an auction draft. An auction gives you the opportunity to bid on anyone you want, which is great, but five hours of watching your increasingly inebriated friends bid on back-up tight ends and kickers can be quite painful.

It is time to consider Ultimate Draft. Remember Chris and Andre Johnson? How would you like the possibility of having both? Mad you say? It is possible with Ultimate Draft. Ultimate Draft basically combines the best of both worlds (serpentine and auction), while trying to overcome the pitfalls inherent to each style of draft.


Here is how it works:

Ultimate draft starts out as an auction draft. Each owner starts with 150 draft dollars. Positions are drawn to see who will throw out the first player for auction (minimum bid is $1). Owners bid on the nominated player until someone is awarded that player with the high bid. The amount bid is subtracted from his/her $150 and the next owner places another player on the auction block. This continues until each owner has successfully obtained five players. Each owner must have enough money left to purchase all five players. (Example: Highest bid on first player would be $146 in order to have $4 left to bid on his remaining four players.) Once a player obtains five players, he can no longer submit players for auction when his turn comes around and he is skipped in the rotation. Any ‘money’ he has left over is worthless at that point. After the auction portion of the draft is completed, take a break and get ready to finish out the rest of the draft as a standard serpentine draft, using the original positions drawn as your draft order.

Here are some fun variations you might want to consider.

Variation 1 – Adjust the length of your auction, adding $20 to the auction pool for each additional player. It is best not to extend your auction to more than half of the total rounds in your draft.

Variation 2 – After the auction is complete, award the picks in the serpentine draft to owners based on who has the most money left over. Most money – first pick; second most money – second pick and so on. Flip a coin to break any ties.

Ultimate Draft gives you the ability to pre-plan your draft and have a shot at any player you want if you have the guts to outbid everyone for him. It also reduces the time of a standard auction draft considerably. The serpentine draft allows for a smooth and relatively quick finish to what many consider the most exciting single day of the fantasy season. That is of course, aside from the day you hoist the championship trophy.

Next up – Ultimate Draft for dynasty/keeper leagues

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