Wednesday - Jan 20, 2021

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Brain and Braun

Brain and Braun is an article written by two self-proclaimed experts on breakfast buffets, shooting craps, and Fantasy Football; Tom Braun (the Braun) and Chris Dolfi (the Brain). This is normally the part where we share with you the magazines, radio stations, and expert leagues we’ve played in…we won’t waste your time. Bottom line, when it comes to Fantasy Football, let us share the idiot mistakes we’ve witnessed (and made) in the past, and throw in some of the info that has worked for us.

The following is a conversation that actually took place at… well, it actually didn’t take place, just read on, and all will become clear.  (None of the names have been changed to protect anyone…like any good
Hollywood tramp, they figure any publicity is good publicity.)


Braun: Well, I’d talk to ‘The Brain’ this week, but last time I checked he was still in Vegas gambling away his hard earned money.  Well, he always said no one really reads the column, they jusy look at the cartoon… so what the heck – I’m gonna post 3 cartoons this week to give everyone a quick fix until I can wire Dolf some money for a flight home.  See ya next week, Sharks.




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