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Bright End for Tight Ends?

The biggest bragging right in the 2012 fantasy football draft was that everyone and their mother “knew” how deep the tight end position was. Yes,
Jimmy Graham
Rob Gronkowski
stood alone on top, but the depth below was a supposed consolation prize. As the infamous father in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Frank Barone once said, “What contest in hell did I win?”

As we passed on Graham and Gronkowski in the first two opening rounds, we held out hope that the remaining top 10 ranked tight ends would provide value. Sadly, in most cases, you were swayed more towards wrong than right.
Tony Gonzalez
 continued to drink from the fountain of youth in 2012 and
Jason Witten
rolled on as we’ve grown so accustomed to over the years. But
Jared Cook
Jermichael Finley
Brandon Pettigrew
Owen Daniels
? Where did all the value go? The answer lies deep in the dark recesses of the toilet and requires a plunger to get to.

Unfortunately for us, this year doesn’t even offer the hope of a deep tight end draft. The No. 1 option from 2012,
Rob Gronkowski
, is having back surgery after wrist surgery after back surgery in a lip-biting one after another kind of offseason. Fellow stud tight end
Aaron Hernandez
is caught up in everything that is wrong with both society and the league as he paces in his new single room home, internet free mind you.
Vernon Davis
is playing with a quarterback who may not be as in love with him as ex-signal caller
Alex Smith
Antonio Gates
is stuck playing the rest of his career seemingly on one foot.
Brandon Pettigrew
did not have a double hand transplant surgery over the offseason to the dismay of Detroit Lions’ fans. Adding insult to injury, or maybe injury to insult, rising stud
Dennis Pitta
has already been lost for the entire year. All in all, we’re grasping at straws and optimism is flickering in the wind.

The bottom line is that last season we expected monster things out of a quickly flourishing position and were left disappointed. This year, the options aren’t as praiseworthy, leaving us to wonder if the letdown will be even more discouraging. Let us hope that young men like
Kyle Rudolph
Ed Dickson
can pick up the dropped baton and bring back some spotlight to an overlooked and undervalued position.

Graham is clearly the top option by a large margin and worthy of an early second-round pick. We don’t know if Gronkowski is going be ready to rock and roll for Week 1, but still, he too is worthy of a high bid. After that, spray and pray, shoot blindly, and hope for the best.
Eli Manning
loves the tight end position and
Brandon Myers
was a monster with
Carson Palmer
last year. The right to hold out such hope for him is no better or worse than any other third or fourth ranked tight end you could suggest. Sad, but true.

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