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Broncogeek Whale Shark Interview

I am proud to announce the long-anticipated Whale Shark Interview with the man I gave up my Guberleague spot to..Broncogeek. Bronco, thanks for asking me to do the interview. It’s an honor.
-Thanks for the interview…….I know it’s a little late, but, I wasn’t going anywhere

First, how long have you been involved in Fantasy Football and how much success have you had?
-12 years now. I’ve been in close to the top in most of my leagues.(It all depends on team health) Since I’ve found FantasySharks, I’ve done MUCH better.

Tell us about the first team you drafted..who was your first ever fantasy pick?
I can’t remember most of it…..I think I had Thurman Thomas and Randall Cunningham to name a couple

How many teams are you rolling with this season?
-7 teams- 2 Money Keepers, 2 Fantasy shark leagues(thanks STANK), 1 money league, 2 yahoo

How has your strategy shifted through the years? Do you subscribe to the “Faulk Plan” or the VBD method of drafting?
– always used to draft (in this order) 1RB, 1QB, 1WR…… I draft 2-3RB’s, 1QB, 1RB, 3WR’s…..It seems to work alot better

If John Elway and Terrell Davis got in a fistfight, who would win and how long would it last?
-Elway……he would kick TD in the knee, it would be over in seconds

You were the original animal with glasses in the Shark Tank. Do you think Trilogy’s monkey should pay you royalties for the bespectacled image or is it just more of an honor to be imitated by such a quality poster?
I’m not getting royalties???????? , I didn’t know I was the first with the spec’s……so it is an honor

Did you choose the name because you’re actually a geek? If so, please describe your geekiness in 20 words or less.
-I chose my name a long time ago, when signing up for AOL…..every name I wanted had to add numbers, BRONCOGEEK worked, and it’s stuck ever since. I’m not really a geek(honest), even though I work on computers

What do you enjoy the most about the Shark Tank? What keeps you coming back for more?
-I enjoy trying to help fellow members. It always seems easier to tell someone what you “would” do in thier situation


What do you find most helpful about
-I bought the draft sheet a few years ago, and that’s all I take to my drafts anymore



Now for the speed round:

Paper or Plastic
Natural or Implants
Tough one……Visual-Implants Actual-Natural Does this question have anything to do with Paper or Plastic?
McNabb…overrated or just right
I have to say just right(SO FAR)
Worst draft pick EVER for you
Koren Robinson, last year
Best draft pick EVER for you
Amhan Green, last year, 2nd round
Hottest woman ever
My wife, then Demi Moore
Woman who people say is hot but really isn’t (i.e. Kirsten Dunst)-
Brittany Spears
Left or Right
Grape or Red-
Grape Ape

Finally…what is the number one thing you want to say for people who are coming to FantasySharks for the first time? Lay your wisdom upon them.
You will find at FantasySharks, people from all over the world with different views/updates on teams and players. There are very few “homers” who just rant and rave about their favorite teams. It’s a great site for begginers and self-proclaimed fantasy experts.

Thank you again for the opportunity to pick your brain and interview you. You’re one of the great posters out there and everybody likes you.
Thanks, peace, love, and fantasy football

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