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Burning Bush

I know the kid is a total stud. I know he could be one of the best running backs to ever be drafted. I know the kid has truck loads of raw talent and single handedly ruled the college gridirons. I know. I know. I know. But I got one word for you…ROOKIE. Has everyone gotten so wrapped up in the hype that they have forgotten that? The thing that has got me so stupefied is that these supposed “experts” over at the “Worldwide Leader of Sports” are ranking him so damn high.


So I am going through my research and setting up my top 100 when I come across what at first I thought was a typo. Scott “Mr. Potato head” Engel of ESPN ranks Reggie Bush 19th in his Top 200. WHAT?! 19th? He places him ahead of Willis McGahee, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, and Marvin Harrison to name just a few. Apparently Scott hasn’t looked up from his bag of Fritos long enough to actually do some research this off season. I know this isn’t rocket science but come on, you work for the goliath of sports broadcasting, at least make some effort to steer people in the right direction. But while still confused and reeling from this blind overhand right of stupidity, I was sucker punched by yet another dimwit from ESPN.


Apparently, the fantasy football division of ESPN hadn’t met their knucklehead quota so they decided to bring in a guy named Tristan Cockcroft. The name alone makes me leery of any fantasy advice this guy could offer. It sounds like he should be making a spinach dip in a bread bowl or talking about how grand it is to have a giant trust fund, not trying to giving fantasy football advice.


Well Tristan decided that Reggie Bush should fall into the 17th spot in his personal top 200. Brilliant! And apparently only slightly better is Steve Smith who sits only one spot above Bush at 16th. For god’s sake, Mr. Smith caught the rock 103 times for 1,563 yards and 12, count ‘em, 12 TDs. How are you going to sit any rookie next to him in your rankings? Tristan…you rank Bush higher then Westbrook, McGahee, J. Jones, and T. Jones? Tristan, stick to the spinach dip.


It’s bad enough that ESPN tries to feed us two cartoon fantasy “experts” named Hector and Victor and Eric Karabell, a guy that looks like he still collects 20 sided dice but now they add these two guys to their arsenal. Dr. John York, owner of the 49ers and a man who NEVER played a down of organized football in his life, a man who still thinks that a fullback comes with a bib and handy wipes, has got more sense then these two.


At least Fox Sports,, CBS Sportsline, Sports Illustrated, and Yahoo Fantasy all rank Bush in the 30th to 40th range which is more reasonable but still a little too high for my liking. But my fellow Sharks hit the nail on the head in their Top 100 when they ranked Bush at 50th. Honestly, I would have trouble ranking Reggie Bush anywhere above my top 50 also and let me explain why.


First let me restate the obvious, he is a rookie. Sure the kid did some incredible stuff in college but this here is the NFL son. It’s a whole new game up here. We hear it all the time from rookies how it takes them time to adjust to the quickness of the game at this level. Reggie isn’t any different from any other rookie joining the league in this respect, no matter how skilled he is, it’s going to take time for him to get into the flow of the game at this advanced level.


Sure some rookies blow up the league, take Marshall Faulk’s rookie season in 1994 for example. But let’s not forget that the Colts didn’t have anyone else to turn too, that’s why Faulk carried the rock 311 times his rookie year. The Saint’s have a little more to work with in Brees, Horn, Stallworth and McAllister. You remember Deuce McAllister right? That’s the guy ahead of Bush in the depth charts.


Bush isn’t even starting so how can they justify putting him the top 20? I know Deuce is coming off a severe knee injury last season and that they will throw Bush out there in various schemes to utilize his talents but last time I checked he was still #2 on the charts.  But what if Deuce goes down again you say? Sure, it’s possible and even likely considering that this type of injury usually takes 2 years to recover from but even if Bush does end up starting, it won’t matter. You see other then the fact that he is a rookie everyone is forgetting two other very important things. The Saint offensive line doesn’t have a prayer and their schedule is hell.


The Saints offensive line was horrible last season and this season they lost their two best linemen, LeCharles Bentley and Wayne Gandy, to free agency. There is hope in Jammal Brown but the rest of line, including new arrival C Jeff Faine (Browns), are sub-par to say the least.  How is this line going to hold up against a schedule that includes the new and improved Colts, the always formidable Giants, and top 10 rush defenses in the Chiefs, the Panthers (2), the Bucs (2), the Ravens, and the Steelers? Their not, matter of fact, it’s a potential blood bath. You can’t tell me that linebackers around the league aren’t going to be licking their chops and looking to unload on this Heisman Trophy winner.



Look, after everything the city of New Orleans has been through I would love to see Reggie carry the Saints on his shoulders all the way to a Lombardi trophy but facts are facts. The kid is a rookie with a tough schedule, horribly weak offensive line, a new rookie coach, a ton to learn, and a veteran in front of him. Not to mention that he doesn’t have great size, already has had hamstring issues and hasn’t even signed with the team yet!

Do yourself a favor my fellow sharks, let everyone else get sucked in to all the hype, you stick with the Tanks Top 100. Talk Reggie Bush up to the new guy in your league, tell him to follow “Potato head” and Tristan’s lead, and giggle like a little school girl when he wastes a top 20 pick on Bush and you snag fantasy gold. 

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