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Buy Low Targets

If your team has a weakness, and let’s face it, almost all teams have at least one, it’s always a good time to trade. Many teams that start off strong don’t think they should trade because they’re mistakenly taken the “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” philosophy. Instead, the philosophy should be, “if my team can be improved, why not fix it?”

The toughest way to trade is when you’re desperate at 0-4 or 1-3. More successful owners seem to circle these less fortunate owners like vultures, knowing that they have almost all the leverage. I’ve created an abbreviated ‘Buy Low’ list for owners. Many players have not been included like Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson because their value is just about the same where it was before the season started.

Sell High/Buy Low (After Monday Night’s Game)

Brett Favre

What to do about the old gunslinger. For most Favre owners it’s been a tough start to the season. Owners have wanted to trade Favre, but his value has been so low that it wasn’t worth it. With the Randy Moss trade, though, Favre’s value is on the rise.

For the 0-4 or 1-3 Favre owners, I’m recommending sell as high as you can with all of the Moss hype. Favre has a very tough schedule in his his next four games and it will probably be too late for owners once Favre and Moss get on the same page. For those Favre owners that are 2-2 or better, I’d stand pat, but keep Favre on the bench until he proves himself. Hopefully, when owners took a chance in drafting Favre, they also drafted a quality backup for him.

Shoot Self in Foot

Sidney Rice: My apologies to those Rice owners that have him stashed away on their rosters, hoping he would make an impact later in the season. The Moss trade almost totally nullifies that possibility. This really has nothing to do with the ‘Trade Value Index,” I’m just talking a little smack, friends.

Buy Low

Larry Fitzgerald has been one of the biggest fantasy disappointments thus far with only 19 receptions for 208 yards and two touchdowns. His bye week is coming up next week and now might be the perfect time to trade for him, provided he doesn’t explode against the New Orleans Saints. We’re talking about a guy who is not even ranked in the Top 20 anymore!

Fitzgerald’s troubles have been understandable with all of the uncertainty at the quarterback position Arizona has had. After the bye week though, Hall should improve and Fitzgerald has an enormously easy schedule going forward, playing Seattle (twice), Tampa Bay, San Francisco, St. Louis and Carolina. Since he can be had at such a low price, Fitzgerald is a low risk player with a ton of upside as the season progresses.

Ray Rice

Rice has had a real tough start to his season and since he was a Top 4 pick, many owners might be desperate to get rid of him. Now’s the perfect time to snatch him because he’s healthy and Baltimore’s schedule is about to open up. His schedule is about to ease up with matchups against Denver, Buffalo, Atlanta and Carolina coming up. In fact, for the remainder of his schedule, his only tough matchups are at New England next week and a Week 14 matchup against Pittsburgh. You’ll never get Rice at a better price than right now.

Chad Ochocinco

He’s been relatively quiet for the last couple weeks, but make no mistake about it, he’s the lead receiver in Cincinnati. Right now Terrell Owens is getting all the attention because he went crazy against the ‘poopy’ Browns and had more than 200 yards receiving. Owens’ performance has jacked up his price to an obscene level, but Ochocinco, whose a better receiver than Owens at this point in their respective careers, can be had for a much cheaper price.

Felix Jones

Recent reports out of Dallas have Jones taking a larger role in the offense. Expectations should be tempered on Jones because this isn’t the first time owners have heard this kind of talk about Jones and he still has yet to live up to the hype. Still, for owners making a large trade with multiple players, Jones is a great player to slip into the mix. Jones might not be the focus of your trade but his ‘ridonkulous’ amount of upside might have the biggest impact on your team.

Andre Johnson

Johnson owners have been through a lot this season. First there was the Week 1 disappointment when Arian Foster blew up for 500 yards and six touchdowns. Then Johnson finally had a great game in Week 2 with more than 150 receiving yards and a touchdown. He was then relatively quiet in Week 3 with four receptions for 64 yards. Finally, he broke many owners’ hearts when he was a late inactive in Week 5 and might have been in lineups when he ended up giving a big zero to owners.

There aren’t many times in this life when you’ll be able to buy low on Johnson. But Johnson has hurt his owners in such a visceral and piercing way that you might be able to take advantage of this bitterness. Johnson’s beginning to get healthy again and he’s still the best wide receiver in the game. He’s worth the risk and he can lead patient owners to a championship.

Maurice Jones Drew

The clock is ticking on trading for Jones-Drew. You have less than 72 hours before Jones-Drew utterly obliterates Buffalo’s historically terrible run defense. He’s been so-so thus far but he has a super easy schedule the rest of the way and he’ll lead many owners to championships. It’s weird how two of the ‘Big 4’ running backs are ‘Buy Low’ options at this point. I doubt that will last.

Louis Murphy

Just as the Murphy bandwagon was about to get started, he turned in a horrendous performance against the Houston Texans with one reception for five yards. In his previous two games he had 11 receptions for 200 yards and a touchdown. If Murphy somehow was dropped in your league after his putrid performance, pick him up as a fast you can.

Murphy was injured in the last game but he’s been practicing fully now and is ready to get back on track with his best bud Bruce “I was a worthy start last week” Gradkowski. Murphy and Gradkowski have always played well together and now that Murphy’s getting his health back, he has the potential to be a No. 2 receiver the rest of the way.

Michael Vick

Now this one’s going to take some patience, friends. I’m calling this one a ‘Slow Burn Buy Low.’ You can’t trade for  Vick for this week because the memory of his three-week dominance is still fresh. If it comes out next week though that Vick isn’t going to play in Week 6 and his injury is going to be longer than expected, then you trade him for him. Vick owners, who presumably picked Vick off waivers have other quarterback options, will be anxious to see if they can get any value off a player they never really had involved in their original plans to begin with. This is a risky plan because maybe Vick will come back sooner than expected, but it’ll be well worth it even if Vick comes back for the second half of the season and is ready to take over again.

Malcom Floyd

Floyd has the chance to post two straight crappy performances if he’s held down by Nnamdi Asomugha in Sunday’s matchup against the Oakland Raiders. Floyd has been battling injuries, but when healthy, he’s the No. 1 deep threat of the San Diego Chargers. Phillip Rivers is having an amazing year and besides Antonio Gates, Floyd is the Charger you want to take advantage of this. I’d ‘Buy Low’ on Floyd next week after two straight mediocre performances and watch him become entrenched in your lineup for the rest of the season.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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