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Buy Low/Sell High

With 4 weeks in the books and over 30% of the season finished, owners pretty much know what they’ve got in their teams. Some owners are desperate for that first win, others are thinking they have a championship team but most owners find themselves somewhere in the middle. 

Regardless of where you find yourself, there’s always room for improvement. The reality is, with the number of first round running back busts, the majority of your league is probably looking for a running back.

If you’re one of the few teams that has a surplus of running backs, and you don’t own an injury prone running back like
DeMarco Murray
Reggie Bush
, it’s time to seriously start looking at making a trade. Usually, when a team has an inappropriate amount of solid RBs, they probably have a questionable receiving corps and this can work in reverse, of course.

The question now is who to target and who to get rid of when you’re entering the trade market. I’ve made a list of fantasy studs that you either want to start targeting or, in some cases, get rid of.

Dwayne Bowe
:  Sell High-ish

This is your chance. This might be your last chance. If you’re going to move Dwayne Bowe, now’s the time. Before Week 4, through three games, he had nine catches for 90 receiving yards and zero touchdowns. He’s been a certifiable bust. It’s not that he’s lost a step or anything like that. It’s more about how Andy Reid is running the Chiefs offense. Alex Smith is constantly rushing and throwing short, dump-off passes. Coach Reid rarely tries to stretch the field and is running a fairly conservative offense. They’re 3-0. If it ain’t broke, why throw it to Dwayne Bowe? Four catches for 58 receiving yards and 1 touchdown last Sunday gives owners a chance to get some value for Bowe, a luxury they didn’t have a week ago after Bowe’s one-catch for four yards epic TurdFest of a performance against the Eagles. Move him while you still can.

Greg Jennings
:  Sell High-ish

Greg Jennings is in a similar position to Dwayne Bowe in that he’s underperformed early in the season but has just had a big game and now would seem like the optimum time to sell high on him. Unfortunately, there are several complications with Jennings’ trade value. First, he’s on a bye this week so that lowers his value. There are some instances where you want to trade for someone whose about to go on a bye if you want to get a slight discount on him but this isn’t one of those types of situations. You want to do that for players, who have large upside for the rest of the season. But Jennings isn’t one of those players, especially when half of the games he’s played thus far he’s had under 44 receiving yards. 

Making things worse for Jennings’ value is that he had his biggest game under
Matt Cassell
, no gunslinger himself, but certainly an improvement over
Christian Ponder
.  Even though Ponder is still suffering from a rib injury, Vikings coach Leslie Frasier has already reiterated this week that Ponder is still their starting quarterback
. With Ponder throwing passes to him through three games, Jennings averaged 3.6 catches for 53 receiving yards and zero touchdowns. Jennings’ sole game with Cassell as his QB produced three catches for 92 receiving yards and two touchdowns. If Ponder’s going to still be in the mix, Jennings is an unreliable WR3, who owners should avoid in trade talks. If you own him, wait a week and then after his bye, sell as high. 

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