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Buy, Sell, Hold – Week 15

I know, I know, as parents we’re not supposed to play favorites. That’s why everyday I tell my daughter she isn’t my favorite. So, what she’s an only child? I want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for her. And let me tell you, all those studies about how kids are able to pick things up at an early age, they’re right. My daughter’s only 3 and a half and she’s already getting it. She’s a sponge.

Actually, the opposite is true. No, not that she’s dense, but what we tell each other. It’s a little game we play. She tells me I’m her favorite dad, and I tell her she’s my favorite daughter. Since neither of us have other options, it’s a pretty safe statement to make. Our other favorite game? You guessed it, dodgewrench. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” She is so getting an “A” in gym class. Thank you, Chuck Norris.

All of us have favorites. Favorite restaurants, favorite drinks, favorite teams or players, favorite places to hide a pile of toenails so your spouse finds it the next time they’re picking up around the house … the list goes on and on. Actually, I like to switch that last one up, keep the Mrs. guessing. But somewhere on that list, I imagine most of us have a favorite league.

I usually play in a couple leagues each year. I try and limit it to avoid over committing. I’m not an autodraft, set-it-and-forget it type owner. When I’m in a league, I’m in it all the way. But out of all the leagues I’ve played in, my favorite isn’t a big money league, a champions league or some expert league. Nope, none of those. My favorite league is one I’ve been in with a dozen friends for years and years now that has nothing on the line except for bragging rights. But the bragging and trash talk that takes place in it is pretty substantial, and lasts a lot longer than any purse I could win in a money league.

Last week was the final week of the regular season in that league, and I was battling for the wild card, the only remaining playoff spot besides the three division champs. I needed a win and some help to get in. I was able to come through on my end (thanks in part to the defensive shellacking Seattle put on Arizona), but didn’t get the help I needed elsewhere.

In the rest of my leagues, I’m playoff bound. Blah, blah, blah … who cares? It’s all meaningless in comparison. I guess I’ll just have to carry on. Luckily in that league, the owners that don’t make the playoffs compete over the next two weeks for draft position the following year. It’s a good way to keep everyone committed throughout, and a consolation for a disappointing end to the season.

Here’s hoping you still have something to play for this week, and a look at some matchups that could impact your games: some good, some bad, and a little bit of everything else for Week 15.

Week 15

Matchups I like this week

  • QB Josh Freeman at New Orleans.
    We’ve already seen the first act, and if you’re a Freeman owner, you have to like how it has played out so far. Back in Week 7, when these two teams met for the first time this year, Freeman had his best game of the year (fantasy-wise). He threw for 420 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions, totaling 35 points. Drew Brees did alright in that game, too, putting up 37 points of his own, but it’s not as if any Brees owners need encouragement to get him active this week. What I’m saying is, wouldn’t it be nice if you could start them both? If that won’t work, pull the trigger on either one.

Other favorable matchups: Andy Dalton at Philadelphia, Carson Palmer vs. Kansas City, Matt Schaub vs. Indianapolis, Colin Kaepernick at New England.)

  • RB Jamaal Charles at Oakland.
    The last time these two teams met in Kansas City, Charles had five rushing attempts. Five. Oh, but he did have three catches as well. The reason why? Don’t think we ever got a “good” reason. I
    seriously doubt the Chiefs make that mistake again. Kansas City might be the worst team in the league (currently hashing that out with Jacksonville), but this is still a division rivalry, Charles is still their best player, and Oakland still is terrible against the run. If Charles doesn’t come away with more than eight touches in this one, their coach might be in the hot seat … wait, what’d you say?

Other favorable matchups: Reggie Bush vs. Jacksonville, Ryan Mathews vs. Carolina, Chris Johnson vs. the New York Jets, Darren McFadden vs. Kansas City.)

  • WR Roddy White and Julio Jones vs. the New York Giants.
    Back before the season began, there was a debate about which Atlanta wide receiver you should take if given the opportunity, which would have the better season? Do you take White’s targets and track record or Jones’ upside? The answer? Yes. Look, the only thing that separates the two wideouts is two points. As in “uno, dos.” That’s it. If you have a chance to start either one of these guys this week against the Giants (a bottom five team against receivers), don’t worry about which will be better. Get them in the game and grab a seat … maybe another cold one first.

Other favorable matchups: Marques Colston vs. Tampa Bay, Josh Gordon vs. Washington, Andre Johnson vs. Indianapolis, Michael Crabtree at New England.)

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