Saturday - Oct 19, 2019

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Buzzards Luck

I’m mad! Can I have anymore terrible things happen to me in the showcase BlueShark League? I’m sitting at 4-5 and a losing record. And it’s not because my team is bad…it’s my damn buzzards luck this year.

It was Jimy Williams who first coined that term to the Red Sox faithful. Buzzards Luck. And I’ve now officially got it. Want to know what buzzards luck is:

It’s losing TWICE this year by one point.
It’s having the 3rd highest total for the week and STILL losing to your direct division opponent.

I NEEDED this game this week, bad.. I’m was going up against ‘abecl’, my biggest division opponent and the one person I absolutely needed to beat.

Now, it’s not all buzzards luck. I can take some blame for a few bad “non-moves” this year. I keep forgetting that the waiver process happens earlier in the week than my other leagues. Therefore, after Gannon went down, I’ve been playing Drew Brees each week at QB. Not good. But, I still scored the 3rd highest total of the week (even with Brees’s lousy 1 point) and still lost!

Give me those 3 wins back and I’m 7-2 and looking pretty. Now I’m 4-5, two back in the division, and two back in the wild card, with 5 games to play. Time to run the table or I’m out of it.

That’s it! I’m going out buying a rabbit foot or dancing some Indian rain dance to the moon god during the eclipse this weekend. Anything to turn around this crap luck I have.

Ah!!! I’m frustrated.

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