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Bye Week Blues

I learned a valuable lesson this year – pay attention to byes when you draft!!! I didn’t, and am now hurting for weeks 7 and 9. If you’re in the same boat I’d say not to worry about week 9 on, because a lot can happen between now and then. Every weekend some one seems to get hurt. Last weekend Tomlinson gets hurt a little and Chapman shows up. Check the status for this week – maybe Chapman can fill a spot for you. Always keep your eyes and ears open for little things…like what happened to Henry in Buffalo when McGahee was in? If not, there’s plenty of fill-ins out there, or trades that can be made. There will be RBs like Bettis or Dayne on your wire that can serve as one week RBs. They don’t get the yards but they get the goal line carries. So you at least have a chance of getting points.


For WR byes, look for decent players with good match ups. I know, it’s easy to say but hard to do! Look at the defenses, and then see if there are any WRs worth using for one week. So far this season, Houston’s defense has allowed over 1,000 passing yards and 13 touchdowns.  As much as I love the Texans, odds are that a WR playing them will get fantasy points.


Week 7 is another story. I am definitely suffering because of my mistake and getting nowhere with trades. I’ll either have to drop a semi-valuable player I want to keep… or start without a TE (I have Eric Johnson and am NOT dropping him).

Dear Bomb,


Love your site…been using it for last 2-3 years…asked a couple guys on your staff but interested in a woman’s perspective… I’m contemplating a blockbuster trade and interested in your opinion.


Ward gives up: Holt, Chris Brown and Vick (or Collins) Ben gives up: Farve, Portis and Chambers (or any other scrub receiver I have).


That would leave me (Ben) with:


Holt/Brown/Vick plus




Ru. Johnson




That would leave Ward with:


Farve/Portis/Chambers plus

Ste. Davis

K. Barlow






I believe you have to give something to get something in a fair trade and to ensure a long-term relationship in your league (10 years…mostly the same guys).  We start 8 guys…no TE required.  Yardage league with 6pts for passing TDs.



Dear Ben,


Thanks for the love, I agree that this site rocks!


I have a bit of a tough time following your team without more information but will take a stab at answering you. You didn’t say what you start (other than you don’t have to start a TE) so I’m going to assume it’s 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, K and Def. To analyze your trade let’s take a look at what starters you end up with:


QB – Vick is painful to fantasy owners at the moment, but I still think he will turn things around. He is too skilled of a player to stay all season in the doldrums. Since you will have a decent #2 in Leftwich I like taking a chance on him.


RBs – Chris Brown has been consistently racking up 100 yards and a score or two per game. The only exception is week 4 and he still got 55 yards. That leaves your other RB as Rudi, who’s a good #2. Hopefully you have another RB on your bench that didn’t make it to the email to fill in for byes or for your flex position.


WRs –Holt is a great addition to your team. He is definitely an upgrade over Chambers. I’m not thrilled with starting a WR at the flex position but with Holt, Bruce and Mason you should have a strong team.


Considering the rest of your lineup, I wouldn’t start a TE unless it was Gonzales, McMichael, Gates, or Johnson. And you’re fine on K and Def, especially since the Giants have more takeaways than any other defense so far this year.


In conclusion, this trade comes down to whether or not you think Vick will bounce back. If you do have faith in him, then you are essentially getting three starters for the price of two. I’d personally do the trade. I think it’s a risk that will pay off for you.


The Bomb

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