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The odds are stacked against C.J. Prosise, but he has an opportunity this week.

Now, why are you reading about C.J. Prosise? His second half snap count in Week 9 against Buffalo was 15, but other Seattle running backs were limited to five, total. On the heels of coach Pete Carroll’s comments about needing to see more from him, it appears as though we are about to. As a prospect, Prosise’s greatest asset was his skill in the passing game. Of Seattle’s 42 offensive snaps in Week 9, just eight were handoffs to the running back (three of them were to Prosise). Week 8 told a similar story, of 54 snaps just 14 of them went to running backs. Seattle, recognizing its problems in the run game, have adjusted and leaned much more heavily on the pass game. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to rely more on its running back best suited for the pass game? Yes, and in a game in which Seattle will need to score a lot of points to keep up this week (at New England), it’s safe to assume we will see a lot of passing from Seattle.

Now that I have you built up with optimism, why should you be skeptical? Thomas Rawls may be back next week. Also, Christine Michael is still there. Yes, outside of the San Francisco game his numbers have been fairly pedestrian, but it hasn’t been due to his play. He’s run well; he just has nowhere to go. Why would that change? Well, did you see Russell Wilson Monday night? He may not be 100 percent, but he is a whole lot closer than he has been at any time this season. If he starts making plays with his legs again there will be opportunities in the middle of the field for the running game to start to become effective.

So, he has one week. Prosise has this week to show what he can do. He has the primetime spotlight, he’ll probably see a significant snap count advantage, and New England coach Bill Belichick’s attention will be directed towards preventing players like Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham beating his team this week. Now that the tough bye week has passed, you have some dead weight floating around on your roster that you no longer have any use for. Make use of it and take a flier on Prosise.

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