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Cable Companies or The NFL: An Article on Greed

As a Comcast subscriber, I pay $5.95 per month on top of the already exorbitant cable rates to have the NFL Network.

  I did this for one reason only.

  So I can see the games on Thursday and Saturday later in the season.

  The network is packaged with 2 or 3 other stations that no one cares about so Comcast can say “what a great deal!!! 4 fantastic sports networks for 1 low price!!”

  They know as well as everyone else all they are really selling is the NFL Network.

  Now the NFL, in an attempt to get as much exposure as possible, has blasted Comcast and several other cable conglomerates for using the NFL as a premium, figuring it’s costing the network millions of viewers.

  The NFL is right about that of course, but who is the bad guy here?

  The NFL is complaining that the cable companies are keeping the fans from being able to watch their games, but the fans were able to watch the games on network up until the NFL decided they wanted to keep yet more of the pie for themselves.

  So I’ll ask this, which is the greater evil?

  They both are.


The NFL is the #1 sport in the country, generating billions each year in tickets, merchandise, and advertising.

  They may also be the greediest of the professional sports.

  They figured that if they spawned their own network they can reap all of the advertising profits for themselves on games they televise on that network.

  Great idea, except they did not think about who was going to air the network and what they may demand.

  Because Cable and Satellite are the only feasible options, every game they carry is one that basic cable and non cable/non dish fans won’t see.

  In their effort to squeeze more wealth out of their product, they just took their only product away from a substantial number of their clients.

  The fact is, NFL network games can’t be seen by the majority of fans in several major markets unless the people pay extra for it.

  Even home team games.


The NFL will try to divert attention from themselves and shift the focus to the “Evil” and “Greedy” cable operators (they are evil and greedy after all).

  They want fans to switch to dish or providers where the network is free.

  They are crying “They are the ones who won’t let you see the games unless you buy their premium sports package.

  It’s their fault you can’t see your hometown team next week”.

  No, it’s also your fault NFL.

  Coupled that with your flippant attitude about taking games out of the country, including the superbowl, and it’s pretty clear that the NFL cares about the only thing all major corporations care about.


  Expanding the global reach of the game is a fine pursuit, but you’re honestly going to take away from your loyal fan base at home to accomplish that?

  Yes they are.


Because they know we aren’t going to all start watching the CFL, or arena football.

  There is no substitute for the NFL, and they are simply doing what my monopolistic electric company does.

  Fleece your captive audience.

  Of course we will all continue to watch, because it’s the sport we love.

  It’s a shame that the powers that be, given the responsibility to care for the empire that has been built, would rather shun the engine that drives it in an effort to squeeze more out of the current product and make more money overseas.


As for the cable providers, well, you can’t get too upset with them for charging for it can you?

  They are always trying to find new ways to squeeze more money out of their customers too, and here they are presented with a horn of plenty….

  A network that will air about 2 dozen NFL games a year.

  And you expected them to just slap in into the basic lineup between Home and Garden TV and Bravo?

  Considering the price that the NFL is charging the outlets that air it, it only makes sense for Comcast to put it in a premium package.

  They know that the fans want to see those games, and there is a lot of money out there that people will part with to see them.

  I got a feeling that the 6 bucks a month is going to more than compensate for the possible loss in viewership and the ad revenue that comes with it (which they only get a fraction of anyhow).

  They get

all of that 6 dollars by god!!

  They’re the cable company!!!!

  From their perspective it also makes sense not to pass the cost on to people who do not watch the NFL .



So I hand it to you, NFL.

  You created this thorn in your side and have cost the fans a lot of games or a lot of dollars.

  Just like you cost the Dolphins fans a home game in 2007.

  Just like you plan on costing an NFL city the millions that comes with the superbowl one day.

  Who is easier to hate?


I haven’t watched a thing on the NFL network besides a game yet by the way.

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