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Can Marriage and Fantasy Football Co-exist?

    First off a little background. I have been involved in fantasy football since I was 10 years old.  My life, since that time, has been focussed on one thing….winning fantasy football!  I would do year-long research making sure that no one was more prepared then me come draft day.  In most cases this research was well worth it, winning more then my fair share of league titles.

    This brings us to December of 2006.  This is when I proposed to my girlfriend.  It was only a matter of days before I realized I would be faced with a major decision.  When picking the date to have our wedding her demands were very simple.  She wanted to be married on the first 25th that fell on a Sunday.  Being the nice guy that I am I had no problem with this.  She then told me the nearest Sunday the 25th would be in August.  My jaw dropped….this was the same day as my fantasy football draft!

    Less then 1 week into our engagement I was already forced, in my mind, to make the biggest sacrifice I could make. I was going to have to miss the draft I have been going to for 15 years.  Instead I was going to have to have my opponents basically draft my team for me, with only a brief cheat sheet to refer to.

( A quick side bar here…. this is not an argument you want to get into with most wives-to-be)

    As the months passed, and the wedding preparation was in full gear, I realized I was not even close to being ready for this draft.  I also forgot to mention we were also buying a house at this time as well.  For the 2007 season my research was basically done in about a week in early August , with whatever time I had free.  It was safe to say I was not feeling confident about the upcoming season!


On August 25th I was married, and on the same day my fantasy football team had asked me for a divorce!

    Upon returning from my honeymoon, I received my roster.  Within 2 weeks into the season I had basically cut my entire team. I was determined to try to make this team respectable.  However, it was not in the cards my friends. I finished a distant 11th out of 12 teams.

    As the season came to a close I was on a mission.  I know it is possible to be married and to continue my dominance in the fantasy world….Right?

    This season will be my defining moment of my 15 year fantasy career.  I have found new and more efficient ways to research, and just as importantly my marriage has not suffered one bit.  I will be the exception, not the rule in this situation.  I have seen many fantasy brothers die a slow and painful death after marriage, never to be heard from again. This will not be me! I am coming back stronger then ever this year, more determined then ever to take over the fantasy world!

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