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Can somebody, anybody, tell me why?

Much like the Bone Thugz, we are approaching a crossroad. The closer we get, the more and more we’re getting confused. There are several questions that we have and require clarity for. Perhaps you can offer insight as Risers and Fallers is currently at a loss.

1) The first question that is currently looking more and more like a head scratcher is the current draft position of Jamaal Charles. Why are people so willing to sacrifice such an early pick on a player coming off yet another injury and who is smack dab in the middle of an obvious RBBC? Both Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware earned extensions from the Chiefs this offseason. What are people thinking when selecting an aging back with multiple significant knee injuries in a crowded backfield?

2) Why is it that Keenan Allen is the only wide receiver benefiting from projecting his stats over a full season? Let’s compare Allen’s number to another wide receiver who missed roughly the entire second half of the year. Allen’s numbers over a full slate of games comes out to 134 catches for 1,450 yards and 8 touchdowns. That’s very good production as RnF also likes to apply the law of averages across the board. Using that same formula, our mystery receiver would have finished with 122 catches for 1,384 yards and an impressive 14 touchdowns. If you haven’t figured out the mystery guest yet we’ll clue you in; it’s New England’s Julian Edelman.  Why are we so ready to use this average for Allen but not Edelman? Yes, Edelman is returning from foot surgery but all signs indicate he’s ready for camp. Are we that sold on receivers like Sammy Watkins and Dez Bryant who had similar injuries and yet down on Edelman? We’re projecting Allen to potentially break the top 10 but Edelman has a hard time breaking the top 20 at his position? Are we that afraid of Chris Hogan turning into Randy Moss and stealing all the targets in town? Why is Edelman going two full rounds later than Allen?

3) Why do so many people think that Carlos Hyde is worth an early round selection? This is going to be an abomination of a team with Blaine Gabbert running a new offense. The receiving corps could go down as the worst ever constructed. What’s to say that Hyde doesn’t follow DeMarco Murray down the path of disappointment as it seems pretty easy to end up in Chip Kelly’s dog house. There certainly is value here but one that should go 2-3 rounds later than his current billing. The lead offensive option is Torrey Smith and his greatest ability is to stretch the field and Gabbert’s strength is close, intermediate passing. With this in mind, Hyde could see the most stacked boxes in the league in 2016.

4) Are we a step away from the looney bin with this next question? Are we at Risers and Fallers the only ones on the planet who are targeting Mike Wallace on draft day? We could very well be completely out of our tree here, but we love the idea of Wallace teaming up with Joe Flacco. Wallace’s go-to weapon is his speed. Flacco’s is a power bomb of an arm. If we remember correctly, 2+2=4. This just makes sense. Wallace had down seasons since leaving Pittsburgh but think of who his quarterbacks have been. Teddy Bridgewater and Ryan Tannehill throw knuckleballs as compared to Flacco’s fast ball. Flacco will be throwing it all over the field and Wallace could see a huge resurgence. Do you agree or are you calling for the paddy wagon?

5) In kind of the same breath here, are we the only ones interested in Victor Cruz? The last mock we did, we were able to get Cruz in the last round. That’s a pretty decent pay off for a former 1,500-yard and double-digit touchdown receiver. We’re not saying that he’s going to come close to anything like that but we’d rather chase a proven Cruz late than an unproven Sterling Shepard early. Should we follow the pun here and chase the Shepard like the other sheep or wait out a proven asset much later?

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