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FANEX: Auction Draft Results – 2023

WR Justin Jefferson Minnesota Vikings

Here are the complete auction draft results from the recent FanEx Auction Draft, a league comprised of various fantasy football industry veterans. To no ones surprise, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jeffereson attracted the highest bid of $45. This was ...

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FANEX: Auction Draft Results

RB Jonathan Taylor Indianapolis Colts

Here are the complete auction draft results from the recent FanEx Auction Draft, a league comprised of various fantasy football  industry veterans. To no ones surprise, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor attracted the highest bid of $49. This was ...

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KEEPING AHEAD: Keeper League Prospecting in 2020

WR Darius Slayton, NYG

In his final seven games as a rookie, Slayton absolutely exploded, nabbing 31 catches for 467 yards and five touchdowns. These are hard numbers to ignore, and left simply with that, and the budding relationship with Daniel Jones, and you have enough of a reason to invest in him long term.

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FANEX: Auction Draft Results

FanEx Football

FanEx is the first expert’s league ever created, back in the very early days of fantasy before there was a Google or even an AOL! It was born out of the fantasy football news group that pre-dated websites and as ...

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TAKING THE PLUNGE: How To Maneuver An Auction Draft

10 dollar bill

Doing your first auction draft is kind of like the first time you jumped into the deep end of the pool. You've heard about it, everyone who's done it seems to really like it - but then you look at this intimidating thing with suspicion and doubt and think "ya know, I was just fine in the shallow end. Why go over there?"

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AUCTION STRATEGY: How to Win Your Draft


With all the preseason injuries and impending roster cuts, hopefully you’ve waited to draft until as late as possible. Those who think snake drafts are the best leagues have probably never done an auction. In an auction, you can have ...

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Slow Auction: The Basics


So you finally decided to try an auction.. There are two primary types of auctions, slow and live. In this article I will be covering the “slow auction.” I will be focusing on auctions hosted by and the tips ...

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Buyer Beware – Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles may be too risky of a pick to be the foundation of your fantasy football team. If you are drafting in the early-to-mid first round, you might want to consider safer options for this upcoming season. Here’s why.

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Why LB Sean Lee Can Lead Your Defense

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee may or may not be the best-kept secret in your fantasy league. But if he is, you are going to look like a fantasy genius by year’s end. Let’s take a look inside the numbers and break down Lee and his fantasy value for the upcoming year.

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Four Notable Changes That May Affect Your Draft

There were numerous moves that were made during the offseason that will not only affect NFL teams, but also the fantasy layout as well. The most notable being the changing of the guard in Indianapolis, with the Colts parting ways with Peyton Manning and drafting Stanford phenom Andrew Luck. Within a few weeks of Manning’s release, the Denver Broncos offered the future Hall-of-Famer with an offer he simply couldn’t refuse. However, there were four other notable changes between the post-Super Bowl festivities up to now. Here are the other four that will will possibly affect your thought process leading up to your draft.

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A 12 STEP PROGRAM: Live Auction Draft Made Easy

Live auction drafts seem like a lot of work. You need a place. You need to organize the owners of your league. You need to know a little math. You’re on the fence whether you want to do all that work while you still have a good thing working for you. You’ve discussed it with your league owners. You think you’re ready to take that plunge. Still contemplating whether you’re crazy for doing so. Presenting “A 12-Step Program: Live Auction Draft Made Easy!”

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2011 Strength of Schedule Analysis

You can never have too many pieces of data for your fantasy draft, but it is important to use each correctly and not overanalyze. The strength of schedule analysis is a tool that can be quite valuable if used properly. You should not solely base your draft on a player’s strength of schedule and bypass a much better player due solely to schedule strength, especially when you consider these numbers are based on last season and things change from year-to-year. I doubt you would want to pass on Aaron Rodgers because he faces the third toughest schedule against the pass this season. But utilizing strength of schedule certainly has its use. A detailed breakdown of the 2011 strength of schedule broken down all the way to the passing and running games.

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Fantasy Football – Snake or Auction Draft

“Where are you picking?” It is the most common question leading up to draft day. What if I told you that your answer could be, “Anywhere and everywhere I want!” Do you think having Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson starting in your backfield is an impossible scenario? Looking for a way to take your football league to the next level? With an auction draft all of these dreams can become a reality.

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