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Auction Drafting 2009: Overpriced Players

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's overpaying for something, and players in an auction draft are no exception. Doing this for top players in particular can be brutal if they bust (or are at least a big disappointment), since you count them to be the heart and soul of your team - or more to the point, have already made sacrifices elsewhere during your draft to afford them.

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The Auction Nuthouse — Part 3

It's go time, folks -- the final preparation for auction draft battle. We wrap up the draft guide with do's and don'ts on strategy to make sure your game plan is better than the guy sitting next to you. Except for me, since my competitors are probably reading this. Way to plan ahead, genius.

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Auction Nuthouse – Part 2

I've chopped 500 words from last year's version of Part 2. That's called "tightening the copy" in the biz. What biz, you ask? I have no idea.

Anyway, taking a position-by-position look at the auction draft to help you craft a budgeting strategy. Read it. Now.

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Auction Draft Strategy

If you've been hiding in the deep dark recesses of the tank afraid to test the waters of auction drafting, have no fear. Great White Shark and senior writer Ben Ice has the skinny on what it's all about and how to handle your first auction like a pro.

So sit back in your favorite chair, grab a cold one and leave the remote on the coffee table so you can absorb this massive tome of auction brilliance...or so you don't spit beer all over the remote.

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